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All my books! I made a list!

Amazon requires exclusivity in order to use their marketing tools, even exclusivity in Singapore, which they do not sell to. So, yeah, if you’re in Singapore, Amazon hates you and I’m sorry for that.

Goodreads Rate them all on Goodreads (single page).

“…cleverly mixing myth with modern life, I would rate this as the best full-length story written by a Singaporean that I’ve read.” – Leong Chong-yu, author of The Man with Ropes in His Face and Other Stories

A demon, newly summoned by a witch, travels with her to the ends of the rainbow.

Which is an adventure, which is great and all, but some demons would rather just stay home and watch television, being as Hell doesn’t have cable. Some demons – oh, all right, this demon – really do not have the time for leprechauns. Or elves. And especially trolls with guns. Large guns.

A blend of slice-of-life and urban fantasy, Witch-Girl is the story of a demon discovering life on Earth… and the girl that brought him here.

Oh, and the leprechauns really want their gold back.

Read Chapter 1.


Contains seven short short stories, each with a gooey core of myth or fairy tale, encased in a fragile shell of urban fantasy.


This book costs less than a cup of coffee and is at least as pretentious*. Reading this book will get you laid**!

* It isn't. ** Probably not. It's true about the price, though.

Eleven poems that rhyme. Some are love story poems, some are just story poems. No free verse or angst!

Contains my rather popular (and somewhat violent) interpretation of Jack & Jill.

Saga is an accomplished collection of short stories from six new local voices. These stories all revolve around the symbolic red saga seed, and the themes of love and longing it represents.

The stories in Saga portray characters learning and struggling with loving others and themselves. The opening story details how a terminally-ill man bonds with death -- over a game of Congkak. In "The Midnight Rainbow", a girl with special needs adapts to the stress of school by visiting a rainbow at night. A young lady manages her parents' expectations and the life of her cancer-stricken boyfriend in "Remission", and in "Better Creatures", a lonely pole vaulter tries to woo a sprinter with the help of dinosaur eggs.

Six stories, six writers, one saga.

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Witch-Girl – Standard Barroom Information Gathering Scene
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