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A Word for that Feeling
♠ 29 Leo 11, Moon's Day ♣

The Summoner’s Method has been much edited.

And because this post would be rather empty with just that announcement, I wrote this for you –

“There should be a word for that feeling,” she says.

“What feeling?” he asks.

“That feeling you get when your chest is opened up and someone is reaching in to grasp hold of your heart and squeeze it, not tightly enough that it’ll collapse, but tightly enough that it will explode of its own volition, being as there isn’t enough space for it to function as intended. And that someone does this not with the finesse of a trained surgeon, but with the careless brutality of a child cutting open an insect to see its itty-bitty insect heart.”

“That feeling when someone catches hold of your heart?”

“No, no. Just before that, when they’re reaching in to your open chest, not after they’ve done so.”

He thinks about this, while she watches him from across the table. She crosses her arms and places them upon the surface, then lays her head upon her arms. Sideways, she looks up at him, in the silence of his consideration, at the twich of his eyes and the curl of his lips.

Then his eyes focus on her eyes, and he tilts his head to align with her head, and he says to her, “Yes.”

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29 Leo 11, Moon's Day
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29 Leo 11, Moon's Day
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[Living in Sin] How the HDB-PA Thing Works
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