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Death Comes to Awe. I Stop Blogging.
♠ 09 Aries 2k8, Woden's Day ♣

Over the course of a single day, I have found out that there are many more ways to die than I had previously known. Shonagon! (She’s the first blogger, btb)

     ♥ 8 Days (Rebecca Tan cover) – Gaming = Death
     ♥ NYT – Blogging = Death (C/P the URL into a fresh window, NYT requires login for referred links that do not come from search engines.)
     ♥ idyllSleeping with Fan = Death (She doesn’t believe it herself, the fool. But if she stops posting, we’ll all know why.)

Wah lau. I do all that! Every day! Oh! My! God! Etc! Etc! Et! Al!

I’ve always known that being a nerd is an EXTREME sport, I just had no clue it was this EXTREME. It’s practically a bloodsport, like fishing.

The recent high profile deaths of notable nerds (Vonnegut, Gygax, Clark) further reinforces this point. It’s simply no longer safe to geek out (or geek in, since, you know, we don’t really like the outside very much (the screen is too big and you can’t adjust the resolution (seriously, Mother Nature, we’ve been requesting that feature forever.).).).

And then there’s…

     ♥ VF – Polar Bears = On Thin Ice
     ♥ Rueters – Bad Gammar = Death
     ♥ The Post – Art = Unappreciated (posted exactly a year ago, in a coincidence)
     ♥ The Tribune – Money = Can’t Buy Me Love

You know, I risk my life to bring you these nuggets of wholesome wholegrain goodness. I’ve had to deal with ravenous Wawas, malicious hackers, and evil Googlebots. And that’s just this month.

I mean, I’m a dangerous guy, I cross the road when the light is red, that’s just who I am.

Tip: Chicks really dig that sort of thing. Grab her hand and drag her across the road while the red man stares impotently down at you both (first check that they are no vehicles anywhere in sight, especially the stationary ones (cunning!), no point being stupid about it). By the time you get to the other side, she’ll be breathless and her eyes will be glazed over (try to keep her in control until you get somewhere private). Nothing says “I’m a Dangerous Bad Boy who Breaks the Rules, But Don’t Worry, I’ll Fulfill Your Instinctual Desire for Security By Holding Your Hand As If You Were a Small Child (Not That I Have a Thing For Small Children)” like jaywalking. “Look, Jaywalker!” they would call me, strong in the Force am I.

In spite of my manly non-aversion to life-threatening situations, err… -ness, these recent events have me reconsidering my priorities. The foremost of which is, obviously, Stayin’ Alive (Ei, Ei, Ei, Ei, Stayin’ Alive).

As such, I’m going to stop blogging before I die from it. I’m going to do safer stuff, like skydiving.

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k, the Aged ElderBerry – well i don't have a fan in my room so i guess we'll never find out will we. hm. wait till i get a little richer and can afford to buy one. then i'll let you know if i die. and ooooh, a reference to the xkcd comic? ♥
09 Aries 2k8 06:29
nocturne – @k re:xkcd - err, no. I don't read it. Do I still get a ♥?
09 Aries 2k8 07:07
k – well you get half then. http://xkcd.com/395/
09 Aries 2k8 09:19
nocturne – Wah. They stole my joke before I wrote it. That = Pro.
09 Aries 2k8 09:30
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