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Early Morning Revelations
♠ 09 Aquarius 2k8, Saturn's Day ♣

As satorii go, short of the Road to Demascus, early morning ones seem the most striking. Possibly because, suspended between the Dreaming and the Wake, like being born, torn between where you are being forced towards and where you want to stay, your mind is, well, not quite yours. In other words, when high, everything just seems funnier.

I’ve watched three-four episodes of Mad Men, and I really can’t figure out how it beat Damages for the Globe. It’s dry; drier than, well, the road to Demascus. I figure, since it’s set in the 60s, that its nostalgia for the Globe voters, or possibly the moderately shocking sexism, racism, smoking, parenting, family values turn the voters on? I have no clue. Anyway, I suddenly realised one morning that the girl in Mad Men is Zoe Bartlett! From West Wing! It stuck me like a bolt from the blue.

Mildly related, my heart bleeds that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was cancelled after a single season. We DO need another TV show set in a TV show, 30 Rock is just not enough. We live in a meta-age and we need meta-TV. They cancelled Arrested Development, the current seasons of Heroes and Prison Break just aren’t that engaging anymore. It’s Lost all over again, so much foreplay and so little bang.

The second thing that struck me was on another morning. This whole Edison Chen thing; the reason it’s such a big deal is that the guy ran it like a marketing campaign, with teaser ads, some hyperbolic press, trailers, etc. It’s the speculation/anticipation that’s fueling this. Well, that and some guy calling himself Kira and playing Catch Me If You Can.

Funny shit.

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Grievous, the Grapevine Spider – A. Lincoln also happened to be one of the 3 greatest American Presidents. :)
08 Aquarius 2k8 22:50
nocturne – He’s also a Republican. Who’re the other two?
09 Aquarius 2k8 00:18
nocturne – Oh, nevermind. Get off my chatbox. Obama ≠ Lincoln, ffs. Maybe in eight years.
09 Aquarius 2k8 00:29
name – edison chen
09 Aquarius 2k8 16:46
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11 Aquarius 2k8, Moon's Day
How do people this stupid not inadvertently drink drain cleaner?
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10 Aquarius 2k8, Sun Lord's Day
(Early Morning Revelations)
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09 Aquarius 2k8, Saturn's Day
Flavour :: 地獄少女 : jigoku shoujo : hell girl
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08 Aquarius 2k8, Frigg's Day
Edison Chen Part IV + Taiwan ≠ Country
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07 Aquarius 2k8, Thor's Day
Ping v1.80, adult-orientation and, oh yes, nudity naked sex pictures (NSFW)
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06 Aquarius 2k8, Woden's Day
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