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How do people this stupid not inadvertently drink drain cleaner?
♠ 10 Aquarius 2k8, Sun Lord's Day ♣

It began with a chatbox. I thought, hey, why not, so I put one in.

A few years later, people started kindly filling it up with spam.

I set the code to replace all URLs with nocturne.noctalis.com, which was pretty funny, for a few years.

I set the code to strip all <tags>. They thought they did something wrong, so they pasted the same code twice, generally filling up all my entries with keywords galore, from Viagra to assorted sexual acts with assorted partners, almost exclusively human.

Most recently, I set the code to ignore you if you had a URL. They started filling it up with nonsense text just to see if it would work.

Which is all mildly amusing, since it serves as proof that Evolution is wrong AND Creationism is wrong (God SO did not make us in His image).

The next step, of course, would be to put in one of those random letter generators, which I find rather annoying. I might, instead, put in a question, such as –

     ♥ "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?” or, my personal favourite,
     ♥ "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?", or, musical-like,
     ♥ "How much is that doggy in the window?", or the succinct,
     ♥ "Why are you?"

What is even more amusing is the current lot filling up the chat box with search terms. Is 2¢ that obscure a reference?


Thankfully, Grievous, the Grapevine Spider, actually posts sense, albeit in logical gymnastics. As if it’s not bad enough JFK’s daughter wrote an op-ed in the NYT saying Obama is her dad reborn.

Grievous’ Tautology

Three Greatest American Presidents = Lincoln = 2 years in Senate = Obama
Obama = Lincoln

Which brings me to the refutation.

The Refutation


What I wonder is if enough Dems realise that they’re not voting for their president yet. They’re voting for the guy they feel has the most chance of winning the presidency. It’s pointless to vote the one you want if the one you want loses, and you end up with Jeb Bush.

The viewpoint of the politically aware or idealistic tends to neglect that much of America are people who don’t want evolution to be taught in schools, who oppose abortion, think gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married and who love guns.

Anyway, since I started writing this, I’ve gone through two US Presidential elections, and I’ve called it wrong both times.

Let me repeat what I said four and eight years ago, and, hopefully, get it right this time, “George Bush will not win!”

Paris Smurfs Up

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Grievous, the Grapevine Spider – I didn’t say Obama is the same as Lincoln. What I did say was that the ‘experience’ argument doesn’t hold water. That’s all.
10 Aquarius 2k8 04:34
nocturne – Ha! Your futile attempt to refute my refutation is doomed to failure. Try again, Padawan.
10 Aquarius 2k8 04:42
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Gamasutra Interviews Lord British
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How do people this stupid not inadvertently drink drain cleaner?
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