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Living in Sin – Tak Boleh Tahan – SDP: A CASE Study in Stupidity
♠ 17 Pisces 2k8, St. Patrick’s Day ♣

You know, Chee Soon Juan used to go at it alone. Now his sister, Chee Siok Chin, is also involved and biting for some attention. How do you think that conversation went?

“Eh, sis, want to do Some Thing Dumb?”

“Okay, lor.”

“Why don’t you join my group, Some Dumb People?”

“Okay, lor.”

Some people have felt that the SDP have been unfairly treated, vis-à-vis the fact that the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) similarly had an event.

Let’s address these concerns, starting by taking a look at the groups themselves.

The SDP is a political party, in opposition to the PAP. Like all political parties, their explicit aim is to overthrow the garment. There are legal ways to do this, of course, but the SDP has shown that it prefers breaking the law. We live in a police state, ergo, breaking the law = not a good idea. (Note to talented foreigners: We call our government “the garment,” becomes, like a loving mother, the PAP clothes and shelters us.)

CASE, on the other hand, is a consumer rights group. Consumer groups, like unions, are a vital component of the checks and balances that make up a free-market economy. While opposition parties are, similarly, a vital component of the checks and balances that make up a democratic political system, these opposition parties must be credible. The SDP is incredible.

The SDP event was a rally to protest, the CASE event was err, a “walk” or something, to promote basic consumer rights.

It’s easy to see the difference here. One group is saying “this is bad,” the other group is saying, “this is good”. Of course, by implication, CASE is also saying “this is bad”. However, by saying “this is good,” they are offering an alternative, a solution.

On the other hand, the SDP is just complaining, without any solution at all.

The SDP, in their letter to Al, highlights that both Teo Ho Pin and Yeo Guat Kwang, both PAP MPs and associated with CASE, were at the CASE “protest”. Again, let me point out that the CASE walk was NOT a protest. Also, both Teo Ho Pin and Yeo Guat Kwang were democratically elected, and not in walkovers. In the case of Mr. Teo, winning spectacularly against an SDP candidate.

Their participation in the CASE event should, in fact, be lauded by the SDP, instead of vilified. As PAP MPs and representatives of our garment, they are showing us that they care, and that they have real solutions to problems.

I do, however, agree with the SDP on one point. CASE should not have been allowed to hold their event. Large groups of people annoy me.

In spite of gerrymandering and other (possibly unfair) electoral tactics, the right and proper way to combat the PAP is at the polls. Let us not forget that JBJ won Anson, in spite of My Master LKY Himself campaigning against him. Of course, the PAP has waked up their idea since then, but there are still two Opposition MPs, democratically elected, etc. So, it’s not like, impossible to beat the PAP.

Here’s a picture of a Non-PAP MP in a red t-shirt with a message on it.

Eunice Olsen

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