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Long Conversations
♠ 03 Virgo 11, Saturn's Day ♣

If you spend enough time with someone, after all the small talk is done, after all the work updates, and the life updates, and the brief, amiable (or not) discussions on politics and religion (and royalty, if you have some), there comes a lull (awkward); if you continue beyond this, if you really like them (or if you’re both trapped in some way; in a cell, or in love), there comes the philosophies, the discussions on meaning and the purpose of existence (meaning is what you give it, you both eventually, inexorably, agree); then comes another lull (less awkward); if you continue beyond this, if you really really like them (or if you’re both trapped in some way; in a bunker, or in a pistachio), that’s when you start talking about your dreams, and your hidden pain, about the reasons you’re not yet the person you want to be and the reasons you’re still the person you wish you weren’t; these are things you’ve wanted to say from the very beginning, but for which you lacked the courage, until now, when fatigue has set in, and whatever was holding you back no longer had such power; it starts with the confession of a peccadillo (sexual or otherwise), and, instead of judging you, they tell you something about themselves, a secret, not too big and not too dark, but pretty soon the trickle has become a flood and you are talking about the darkness you carry, and the light that you seek, and then you are saying something you’re not entirely sure you should be saying at all, not even now, when they have just told you about how much they really enjoy anal sex (like, really). Yeah, when that time comes, my advice to you is: “Don’t.” Nobody wants to hear that you have a shrine to someone, much less take up an offer to see it, even if you are rather proud of the arrangement, such that the flickering of the candles make it look as if the wind is blowing across the hair in that perfect picture of the person enshrined. It’s just fucking creepy (and a tad insulting if the shrine is of someone else).

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03 Virgo 11, Saturn's Day
shot – The Thing About Rainbows
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01 Virgo 11, Thor's Day
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31 Leo 11, Woden's Day
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