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Loose Ends I
♠ 07 Aries 2k8, Moon's Day ♣

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we forget what we wanted to write.

The first thing I ever twittered was “Twee,” which is, I realised somewhat later, the answer to idyll’s conumdrum – “What is the English word for teh?”

I have come up with many many answers, since she posed the question, oh, a month or so ago, including “coy” and “coquettish”. “Twee” is the definitive answer. For now.

The first thing I ever used as Facebook status update was “Nocturne believes in angles.”

There was supposed to be a picture to go with the last movie post, that I saved somewhen ago in preparation for when I would write it. But I seem to have lost it…

Also, I saw the trailer for Iron Man that day, really looking forward to it. Never read much Avengers, but the last Marvel game I played, can’t remember the title, on a console, and I can’t remember which console either, I really liked the Iron Man character. He flies, shoots lasers and basically can’t be beat.

You know, everybody likes Wolverine, but, besides the Marvel vs. Streetfighter game where he had a lock, Wolverine sucks in every single Marvel game I played (not many). But the Spider-Man games were fun, web slinging is a great thrill for a day or two.

I also watched Jay Chou’s Kung Fu Dunk – which was rather good, funny at parts. The script writer was overreaching – and Mad Detective, which is significantly better. Johnnie To does really good films.

Kung Fu Dunk, btb, seems very Prince of Tennis to me, and Kung Fu Hustle is still the best Chinese film ever.

I know I’m supposed to italise non-English words. Besides the fact that I’m not sure what qualifies as a non-English word (tres, for example, or kawaii or de jure?).

What about rendezvous? Or made-up words, are they considered to be made-up in English? Discounting Jabberwok as a noun, what about “curiouser” or “contariwise”?

“Faux,” as I understand convention, is English as a noun, as in “faux leather” but not in a pharse “faux par”. As is “coup” but not in “coup d'état” or “coup de grâce.”

Also, I’m not sure if Singlish is covered under the rule. Lots of people italise Singlish, but isn’t Singlish, you know, ’lish?

Since I use so many of the things, my writing will look like this, and, mainly, it’s just too much effort.

The spambots are still annoying me, particularly since I realised these losers are trying to hack in. It’s terribly annoying because I fail to see what they have to gain. There aren’t any credit cards numbers or anything, and everything is backed up on Google anyway, even if I didn’t have everything kept locally, which I do. What’s the point? What’s the point?

I’ve also been reading a lot of Vanity Fair. Here are a selection of articles from their last two issues.

Bill Clinton, around his seventh year (the point when Presidents start to think about legacy), tried, unsuccessfully, to broker peace in the Middle-East. Eight years later, George W. Bush, in his seventh year, tries again to do the same.

The difference between Bill and George, though, is that George actually planned a coup against the elected Hamas government.

This is the story of how the torture at Guantánamo began, and how it spread.

Beginning with a column, Why Women Aren't Funny, leads to another, Who Says Women Aren’t Funny? and one more.

There’s also Barack, Madonna and Trump, if you’re inclined. Go look for it yourself.

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k, the Aged ElderBerry – i believe in angles too - especially if they're right. twee.
06 Aries 2k8 23:28
nocturne – Me too! I'm also very partial to a cute angle, but I absolutely abhor the obtuse.
07 Aries 2k8 00:59
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The Blogging Process
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07 Aries 2k8, Moon's Day
(Loose Ends I)
07 Aries 2k8, Moon's Day
is Twittering Does “micro-blogging” mean this is a “macro-blog”?
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