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Sims 3: Ambitions – Home Design Hotshot / Architectural Design Profession
♠ 31 Sagittarius 13, New Year’s Eve ♣

Earn 100 top scores for jobs in the Architectural Design Profession.

This appears to be one of the toughest Lifetime Wishes. However, after some experimenting, it turns out that it’s not really difficult at all, just rather tedious.

Firstly, you need to be level 10 before you can seriously tackle the Lifetime Wish. Level up by doing jobs and practising on the Drafting Table.

You can generally do two jobs during the work day, but once you hit level 8, the “Architectural Design Services” interaction opens up and you can receive jobs outside of working hours.

“Is that a picture of me?!”

“Err… No, no of course not! For what possible reason would I have a picture of you? Only a stalker would have that.”

For getting the top score, the popular understanding appears to be “Measure Property”, “Discuss Renovation” and renovate to suit the client’s traits. The thing is: While all of these matter, they don’t matter that much.

All you need to remember is this: Seven crafted objects.

Fulfil the checklist, then add in seven crafted objects and you will hit the top score.

Crafted objects are objects created through skills such as painting or inventing.

As personally crafted objects can be valuable, the way to get cheap crafted objects is to buy them from the Consignment Store. You can repeatedly buy, since the stock refreshes with each purchase. Paintings, Music Boxes, Inventions all count.

Better yet, photographs are quickly and easily made. You get additional points for having the client or their household members in the picture, but since guessing the score can be difficult, it’s best to always put seven photos.

Even better yet, you can buy (as in from Renovation Mode) music boxes (Entertainment >> Misc.).

So, reach Level 10, then –

     ♥ Fulfil the checklist.
     ♥ Plop a coffee table. (I use a table so I can easily delete it the next time I’m remodelling.)
     ♥ Plop seven music boxes. (Hold down shift to place multiple copies)
     ♥ Profit.

You don’t have to waste time with measuring or discussing with the client.

When you run out of jobs, visit a public lot, click on your portfolio in your inventory and it will show you every eligible sim on the lot. A trip to the park can nap five clients at one go (accept the assignment and don’t close the pop up, so you can “Begin” them one by one). Note that if you solicit jobs during working hours, you can only complete them during working hours.

Fulfil checklist, seven crafted objects, profit.

Architectural Design Profession Service Awards / Career Rewards

     ♥ Key to the City – Dictator of Design (career level 10)
     ♥ Empirical Building Model – 15 renovations after Dictator of Design
     ♥ Honor Trophy (Ball) – 5 renovations
     ♥ Valor Trophy (Star) – 25 renovations
     ♥ Epic Hero Medal – 50 renovations

Key to the City Ceremony

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