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Sims 3: Ambitions – Sculpting Furniture / Sculpting Unlocks
♠ 14 Capricorn 14, Tyr's Day ♣

Ice, ice baby.

I’ve hit level 10 Sculpting and made hundreds of sculptures and I’ve still not unlocked all of the furniture options. I’ve come to realise that it is either impossible or, at least, statistically difficult.

Before I continue, a quick note on special sculptures.

Sims 3 Ambitions Special Sculptures

     ♥ Magic Gnome of Sculpting, Immoderate Water Fountain – random only
     ♥ Ice Goblin – Failing to sculpt an ice sim, buydebug
     ♥ Thoggus, Dark Emperor of the Sea – Travelling to the Past with a Time Machine, buydebug

Sculpting Furniture / Sculpting Unlocks

For Clay/Wood/Stone/Ice, there are –

25 Statues
 5 Bar Stools
11 Dining Chairs
11 Living Chairs
 6 Bathroom Stuff
 3 Coffee Tables
 4 Dining Tables
 6 End Tables
 8 Furniture
 4 Other
 2 Random only – Immoderate Water Fountain and Magic Gnome of Sculpting
85 Total options

With 85 options, it’s difficult enough to roll a 1/85 to get an unlock, assuming that there’s an even chance for every object (which is not the case).

I figure: You have to unlock them as you level.

You need the Savvy Sculptor trait. You want to keep your leveling slow, so that means no learning moodlets and as low a mood as you can manage.

Keep your leveling for unlocks and do not make ice sims, Specific Sculptures or Metal/Topiary until you’ve reached level 10.

Use the moveobjects on cheat to view the sculpture as soon as the big block is created. Be careful not to place the big block, however – it cannot be deleted, not even with testingcheatsenabled true.

So –
  1. Cancel action as soon as the big block is created.
  2. Peek beneath to see what you’re sculpting. Move the big block and Undo (ctl-z) it back into place.
  3. Scrap if it’s something you already know.


Make sure you have enough space because you will not be able to complete sculptures (leave the uncompleted sculptures to finish when you’ve unlocked them all). You will have to save-reload a lot.

I made this list to make sure I got everything at the appropriate level.

Objects in (brackets) have better versions at higher levels, so I skip these. Objects in italics require the Savvy Sculptor trait.

Level 0
Faboo Foo (World Adventures)
Rodent Repellent (World Adventures)

A Show of Force (World Adventures)
Rory’s Display Pedestal - Egypt (World Adventures)

Parlor Perch Barstool
Rafkin’s Dining Chair
Simmer Down Chair (Dining)
Level 1
Gally de Orleans (World Adventures) Infinitoy Imagination Station (Furniture)
Two-Ton Table (Coffee)
End of the Line End Table (World Adventures)

Knack Outdoor Table (Dining)
Table-Licious (Dining)
(Plain Basin)
(Bargain John)
Level 2
The Tiki Lord
The Gazing Pharaoh (World Adventures)
Globe Sculpture (Other)
MetaTable (End Table)
Sturdy Stool

The Avant (Living Chair)
Miragé Garbargé (Trashcan) (Furniture)
Level 3
Out of Water
Just a Kitten
The Clothing Hamper by Full Load Inc.
Sink in Despair
Table de Bistro by Bourgeois Creations (Dining)
Antique-But-Not Lotus Pot (Other) (World Adventures)

Barstool de Mish
Mount of Comfort Dining Chair
The Regal Rester (Living Chair) (World Adventures)
(The Flavor Savor Nectar Rack) (World Adventures)
(The Thru-Flush Toilet)
Level 4
Siren’s Call
Alexia Full of Hair (World Adventures)

Socratic Therapy Bust
First Step Potty Chair
Tabla Del Extremo (End Table)

The Mission Coffee Table by LuLu Designs
The Cozinator 450 (Dining Chair)
The Olafian (Living Chair)
Level 5
Perfect Piece
Lenny the Evil Feezer Bunny
Gloria (World Adventures)
Phillippe of Anzac (World Adventures)
Artsy Easel
The Porcelain Throne
Yummer’s High Chair
Another Era Dining Table
Chaible (End Table)
Bab’s Towering Barstool

The Elsinore (Dining Chair)
Practically Yours (Living Chair) (World Adventures)

Magical Gnome of Sculpting (random only)
Level 6
Medusa Victim
Deep Thoughts
Stone Seat from Tomb Dining Inc. (World Adventures)

The Muga Sitzer (Dining Chair)
Swank Living Room Chair
Level 7
The Guardian Griffon
You’ve Got a Big Head
The Necteaux
Le Petit Table (End Table) (World Adventures)

Sit-Up-Straight Dining Chair
The Savannah (Living Chair)
Level 8
Fab Fabled Filly
The Urn of Franco (World Adventures)
Epic 10th Anniversary Chess Set
Case Closed Coffee Table
Old Sam’s Barstool

Yankee Doodle Dining Chair
Passable Mission Chair (Living Chair)
Simply Elegant Seating (Living Chair) (World Adventures)
Level 9
Viva El Mano Rory’s Display Pedestal - France (World Adventures)
Royal Francois End Table from XIV Antiquities
Lazy Lounger
Dinner Party Perfect Chair (World Adventures)
Level 10
Modernist’s Flame Old Sam’s Dining Chair
Bracken Living Room Chair
Pete’s Living Room Chair
Immoderate Water Fountain (random only)

Leave the uncompleted sculptures to finish when you’ve unlocked them all.

Sculpting materials

Sculpting Gnomes

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