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Sims 3 Generations – Afterschool Class, Activity Awards, Prom, Field Trips
♠ 07 Gemini 14, Saturn's Day ♣

Sims 3 Generations afterschool activities for children and afterschool classes for teens.

All decorations can be bought with buydebug.

Field Trip souvenirs (and one Signed Movie Poster), Children’s Afterschool Awards, Prom Crowns

Field Trips

Children and teens may be given the chance to go on a field trip, from which they may bring back a souvenir. They may also advance existing skills (but will not gain any skill they do not already have).

     ♥ Science Facility – Molecular Model / Fishing
     ♥ Bistro – Bistro Bento Art
     ♥ Police Station – Mounted Police Page (It’s a police badge that has been mounted, not the badge of a mounted policeman.)
     ♥ Graveyard – Spooky Graveyard Poster
     ♥ Theatre – Theatre Dressing Room Mirror

Teenagers – Prom

Attending prom gives you a photograph and, if you manage to be voted King or Queen, a crown (The King’s Crown, The Queen’s Crown).

Prom itself is a rabbit hole event. If your teen doesn’t yet have a romance, they might end up with one.

Children Afterschool Activities

Both activities are 2 hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

On gaining a level of the hidden skill, your child will gain the “Show Off” interaction. This disappears when they age up into a teenager.

Scouting Skill LevelsBallet Skill Levels
Level 1 Skill – Show Off Badge
Level 2 Skill – Show Off Salute
Level 3 Skill – Show Off Tie a Knot
Scouting also raises the fishing skill.
Level 1 Skill – Show Off Plie
Level 2 Skill – Show Off Pirouette
Level 3 Skill – Show Off Echappe
Scouting AwardsBallet Awards
Scouting Trophy, Framed Scout BadgeBest Ballet Dancer Trophy, Ballet Shoes Sculpture

There is a random opportunity for each activity. Attending the event will give the other award (so it’s possible to get both). You have to attend the opportunity to get the award. Like the trophy ceremony, the opportunities pop-up will not give you a clickable button.

Trophy Ceremony

For both children and teens, 3 days before age up, there will be an opportunity to go to an event. The opportunities pop-up will not give you a clickable button; you will have to click on the Star. You will still receive the award even if you cancel or let the opportunity expire (it’ll appear in the inventory when you age up).

A teen can attend prom, collect awards for afterschool clubs, and then go off to graduate from boarding school.

Teenagers Afterschool Classes

Teenagers can sign up for two afterschool classes, as long as their schedules do not conflict.

When school finishes, your teen will receive a participation trophy or a top award.

ClassAfterschool Club SkillsDaysAfterschool Club Awards
ArtPainting, SculptingMon, ThursArt Show Participation Trophy, Sweet Cupcake Painting
DebateLogicMon, WedDebate Club Participation Trophy, Mounted Gavel Sculpture
DramaCharismaTues, FriDrama Club Participation Trophy, Signed Movie Poster
MusicGuitar, Bass, Drums, PianoMon, WedMusic Club Participation Trophy, Framed LP
NewspaperPhotography, WritingWed, FriNewspaper Club Trophy, Framed Newspaper
ShopHandinessTues, WedShop Club Participation Trophy, Gilded Golden Saw
SportsAthleticThur, FriSports Club Participation Trophy, Framed Sports Jersey
StudyHomeworkTues, Thurs 

I made this table to show which skills you can raise.

Art× Art, Cha Art, NewsArt, Hand  
Debate ×Cha, Log   Ath, LogHome, Log
DramaArt, ChaCha, Log×Cha, Mus    
Music  Cha, Mus×  Ath, MusHome, Mus
NewspaperArt, News   ×  Home, News
ShopArt, Hand    ×Ath, Hand 
Sports Ath, Log Ath, Mus Ath, Hand× 
Study Home, Log Home, MusHome, News  ×

Teenagers’ Afterschool Awards (and one Imaginary Friend doll)

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