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Sims 3 Showtime – Singer, Magician, Acrobat Profession Careers, Karaoke Machines
♠ 17 Gemini 14, Tyr's Day ♣

Everything you need to know about Sims 3 Showtime profession careers.

Tips for Showtime Professions

For the biggest venue type, Big Show Venue, the “Call Over Proprietor” self-interaction does not always work. Click on the building and select “Summon Proprietor”.

For some reason, friendships fall when watching a performance. Buying the “Stone Hearted” Lifetime Reward (World Adventures) will prevent constantly being tormented by having “Lost a Friend”.

Perform for Tips after your gig to take advantage of the gathered crowd. Do it outside a venue so you don’t get chased out when the venue closes.

All performers gain the “Ever Heard of Me?” interaction. With another sim in the same profession, you can “Challenge to a Performance Duel”.

Legendary Gigs

Start two hours early. Alternate between tricks and interacting with the audience. Do your best tricks. Don’t repeat interactions (like conversations).

I’m not sure how performances are scored. My level 5 Acrobat did a legendary performance (+30/24hrs) on her very first gig, but even my level 10s only do +20/15hrs performances sometimes.

Sims 3 Showtime Magician Profession

     ♥ You can WooHoo in the Box of Mystery.
     ♥ Swords of Destiny and both Box of Danger tricks can result in death (with new ghost colours).

1Novice Trickster× Pull Coin From Ear
Instant Cards
Wand into Flowers
2Newbie Illusionist  Appearing Butterflies
Free Birds
3Sim of Mystery Box of MysterySwords of Destiny
4Conjurer× Hot Hands
Fire Balls
5Sleight-of-Hand Savant   
6Illusionist  Appearing Objects
Vanish Sims
7Purveyor of Danger Box of DangerBuried Alive
9Master Illusionist  Levitate
Watery Grave
10Master Magician  Levitate (Other Sims)

Sims 3 Showtime Acrobat Profession

1Aspiring Mime× Mime: 4 tricks
2Novice Juggler× Juggle: 3 items
Fire Baton
3Performance Artist   
4Contortionist  Perform Contortion
5Ace of Agility   
6Novice Balancer×Balance BallBall-derdash
7Master of Balance  Ball-erina
8Firefly Giant Ring of FireThe Big Bounce
Blazing Ballet
9Fire Dancer  Fiery Faceplant
10Master Acrobat  Flaming Fliptease

Karaoke Machines

     ♥ Using a karaoke machine does not raise Singer career progress. It raises the Karaoke hidden skill.
     ♥ The Singer career does raise the Karaoke hidden skill.
     ♥ (Singing karaoke does not make you a better Singer, but being a Singer does make you better at karaoke.)
     ♥ Handiness upgrade level 8 – Singing Synthesizer

Sims 3 Showtime Singer Profession

     ♥ Singers gain one new song per career level.
     ♥ If a singer has a guitar in their inventory, they may perform with it.

1Sing-A-Gram Novice× Celebration, Cheer Up Sing-A-Gram
2Sing-A-Gram Pro  Romantic Sing-A-Gram
3Talented Amateur  You Are Special Sing-A-Gram
4Local Favorite× Sell Album
5Local Phenomenon  Talk About Vocal Skills
6Rising Star Front Stage KitMake a Pose
8Star  Kisses to Crowd
10Vocal Legend  Flourish

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