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Sims 3 Supernatural – Alchemy Elixir Recipes, Magic Cauldron, Book of Spells, Crystal Ball, Voodoo Doll
♠ 28 Gemini 14, Saturn's Day ♣

I got tried of looking through the entire recipe list whenever I was selling stuff to empty my inventory, so I made a list of collectibles that are required as ingredients. The full list of alchemy recipes are at the bottom.

Potions (not Elixirs) are on the Generations Chemistry page.

Alchemy/Alchemist Career

Unlike Ambitions Careers, self-employed Alchemists do not receive a special reward. However, attaining level 10 in the Alchemy skill (regardless of career) starts an Opportunity chain that ends with the Philosopher’s Stone (which is also available as a Lifetime Reward).

Seven recipes require recipe books, which are available at the Elixir Store (sometimes) and the Bookshop (always; wait for a sale).

Notes on Elixirs

(Potent) Skill Booster – Raises a random skill, possibly a skill your sim does not have/want.

Wish Enhancing Serum – Completing your Lifetime Wish while under the effect will double the Lifetime Happiness Points you receive.

Clone Drone – Unlike other forms of cloning, the clone is not added to the family, and has no blood relationship with anyone. The clone has the original’s appearance and personality, and no skills or relationships.

Midas Touch – Converting a sim to gold lasts for six hours. Converting an item to gold doubles its value permanently, and the item can still be used as normal.

Supernatural Converters

Drinking a converter will override any current lifestate (ie. you will still be affected if you are already non-human). A lifestate from an expansion requires that expansion to be installed for the Elixir to be available.

The Supernatural lifestates (Fairy, Witch, Werewolf) each have a hidden skill that gives more powers as they level up.

If you change your lifestate, you lose access to your powers, but you do not lose any progress in your hidden skill, so if you return to your previous state, you still have access to your previous powers. Ie. A maxed out fairy can cast “Inner Beauty”. If that fairy becomes a werewolf, she can no longer “Play Fairy Trick”. If she becomes a fairy again, she will again be able to cast “Inner Beauty” and does not have to start over developing her fairy skills.

Useful Collectibles List

Most Sims 3 Supernatural mushrooms are necessary (Wolfsbane Flower, Mandrake Root, Red Valerian Root, Red Toadstools, Mycenas, Spotlight Mushrooms and Glow Orbs). Mushrooms unused in Alchemy are Porcinis, White Caps, Truffles and Ghost Chili.

If a gem is required, any form of the gem can be used, even gem dust.

Fairy Dust isn’t an ingredient in any recipe (which I find surprising).

SilverBottled Curse of the Lycan
GoldMidas Touch
Gold, Iron, PalladiumBottled Simbot Converter
Smoky QuartzLiquid Job Booster
EmeraldVial of Potent Enlightenment
RubyPotent Cure Elixir
TanzaniteFountain of Youth Elixir
Yellow SapphireMidas Touch
DiamondClone Drone
BloodstoneBottled Vampire’s Bite
MoonstoneBottled Curse of the Lycan, Bottled Witches’ Brew
SunstoneBottled Blessing of the Fae
LinksLarge and In Charge
AppleLean and Mean
Black GoldfishBottled Mummy Curse
Tragic ClownfishOrigin of the Tragic Clown
Vampire FishBottled Vampire’s Bite
ToadOpposite Personality, Bottled Witches’ Brew
Luminous Salamander FishMidas Touch, Clone Drone
Fairy Damsel FishBottled Blessing of the Fae
Monarch ButterflyPersonality Adjuster, Potent Personality Adjuster
Red Admiral ButterflyWish Enhancing Serum
Light Beetle (uc)Bottled Witches’ Brew
Green Swallowtail Butterfly (uc)Fountain of Youth Elixir
Royal Purple Butterfly (uc)Age of Instant
Crypt Moth (uc, WA)Bottled Mummy Curse
Rhinoceros Beetle (uc)Potent Zombification
Scarab Beetle (uc, WA)Bottled Mummy Curse
Firefly pratinus, Firefly caeruleus (uc),
Firefly purpureus (r)
Vial of Bottled Genie

Complete Alchemy Elixir List

1Ad NauseumAny Insect
1Vial of BlissAny Food Ingredient
1Flask of SleepAny Mushroom
1Invigorating ElixirWolfsbane Flower
2Jar of DiscordMandrake Root
2Jar of FriendshipRed Valerian Root
2Cure ElixirRed Valerian Root, Mandrake Root
2Flask of Angry BeesBeeswax, Honey
3Vial of EnlightenmentAny Mushroom, Any Gem
3Melancholy SerumMandrake Root, Any Fish
3ZombificationMandrake Root, Any Mushroom, Any Insect
3Vampiric SunscreenAny Metal, Any Insect
4Vial of Potent BlissAny Food Ingredient, Red Toadstools
4Large and In ChargeWolfsbane Flower, Links
4Lean and MeanWolfsbane Flower, Apple
4Essence of MagicHoney, Any Mushroom
4Skill Booster4Red Valerian Root, Any Gem
5Potent Melancholy SerumSpotlight Mushroom, Mandrake Root, Any Fish
5Personality AdjusterRed Valerian Root, Monarch Butterfly
5Procreation ElixirWolfsbane Flower, Red Toadstools
5Flask of Potent SleepAny Mushroom, Red Toadstools
6Jar of Potent FriendshipRed Valerian Root, Beeswax
6Jar of Potent DiscordMandrake Root, Beeswax
6Liquid Job BoosterSmoky Quartz, Spotlight Mushrooms
6Potent Invigorating ElixirWolfsbane Flower, Spotlight Mushrooms
7Bottled Mummy CurseCrypt Moth, Scarab Beetle, Black Goldfish
7Bottled Vampire’s BiteRed Valerian Root, Bloodstone, Vampire Fish
7Opposite PersonalityToad, Any Metal, Mycenas
7Vial of Potent EnlightenmentAny Mushroom, Emerald, Red Toadstools
7Potent Cure ElixirWolfsbane Flower, Glow Orbs, Ruby
8Bottled Curse of the LycanWolfsbane Flower, Moonstone, Silver
8Potent Personality AdjusterRed Valerian Root, Monarch Butterfly, Glow Orbs
8Clone DroneAny Metal, Luminous Salamander Fish, Diamond
8Bottled Simbot ConverterIron, Gold, Palladium
8Age of InstantRoyal Purple Butterfly, Any Fish, Red Valerian Root
9Potent ZombificationMandrake Root, Glow Orbs, Rhinoceros Beetle
9Fountain of Youth ElixirTanzanite, Green Swallowtail Butterfly, Any Mushroom
9Bottled Witches’ BrewToad, Light Beetle, Moonstone
9Vial of Bottled GenieFirefly pratinus, Firefly caeruleus, Firefly purpureus
9Potent Skill BoosterRed Valerian Root, Any Gem, Mycenas
10Origin of the Tragic ClownAny Insect, Mycenas, Tragic Clownfish
10Midas TouchGold, Yellow Sapphire, Luminous Salamander Fish
10Bottled Blessing of the FaeRed Toadstools, Sunstone, Fairy Damsel Fish
10Wish Enhancing SerumRed Admiral Butterfly, Any Gem, Any Mushroom

Lord Vladimir’s Magic Cauldron

The Sims 3 Store item, Lord Vladimir’s Magic Cauldron, adds several potions, which can only be drank directly from the cauldron. Only one of them is truly useful.

The Magic Cauldron also has a “Conjure” interaction, which creates a random collectible (costing Energy). I put a cauldron near where I keep my urns, and the ghosts will sometimes conjure up items. A sim under the effect of a (Potent) Invigorating Elixir will not be able to conjure.

SleepingThree Fish 
HungerThree Food 
HygieneThree MetalsSim will perform hygiene interactions (brush teeth, shower).
EmotionThree GemsSim will perform romantic interactions.
VanityThree ButterfliesSim will admire themselves in a mirror and change clothes.
TeleportationLife Fruit, Rainbow Butterfly, Luminorious GemTeleport anywhere.
SparkleRainbow Beetle, Rainbow Gem, Rainbow TroutHunger, Hygiene and Fun fills. House cleans itself.
Speed ReadingDiamond, Gold, Black GoldfishOn drinking, your sim reads all the books in their inventory.

Sims 3 Store Magic Items and Supernatural

Using Lord Vladimir’s Magic Cauldron raises Alchemy.

Using the Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball with another sim raises job performance in the Fortune Teller career.

Using the Crystall Ball, Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll and Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells will raise Spellcasting (the hidden skill for Witches). You will get a popup saying that you can now cast a new spell. This can be confusing if your sim is not a witch, since they will not be able to cast. Should your sim become a witch, they will be able to access their (raised) hidden skill.

The Voodoo Doll has added interactions for humans, Werewolves, Fairies and Zombies.

Sims 3 Store More Magic Set Free Download

The Sims 3 Store has a confusing configuration of items for their sets with magic items.

The Enchanted Bundle of Dark Dealings set has nine items, including –

     ♥ Lord Vladimir’s Magic Cauldron
     ♥ Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball
     ♥ Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll
     ♥ Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells

The Dark Dealings set includes all items in the Soothsayers Crystal Ball set.

The More Magic! set has 12 items, including all items in the Dark Dealings set except the Book of Spells, which also appears in the Gothique Library venue set.

     ♥ Free Download The Enchanted Bundle of Dark Dealings – Get this if you want the four magic items (and a few extras) only.
     ♥ Free Download More Magic! – Lord Vladimir’s Magic Cauldron, Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball, Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll and more items.
     ♥ Free Download Gothique Library – Library Venue and Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells.

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