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Sims 4 Aspirations – Popularity, Have Had 5 BFFs
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I’m still updating my Sims 4 Tips & Tricks page. This is the first major bug I’ve encountered, but first, Aspirations.

Sims 4 Aspirations

Aspirations basically replace Skill Challenges from Sims 3. You do a checklist of things and then gain a new ability – “trait” – once you’ve completed the aspiration. It also gives a lot of lifetime happiness – “satisfaction” – points as you work through the milestones.

You can change aspirations from the aspirations tab at any time. So you can switch to another aspiration when you get stuck (like when it requires a skill or career level to progress). Or even flip between them as you pursue different activities. Some goals require the aspiration to be selected to be completed, while others can be completed with previous progress.

Some aspirations of the same group have the same first tier, so you have an easier time completing the others.

The aspiration you select at sim creation gives you a bonus trait. You don’t have to commit to an aspiration just because you want the bonus trait. You can select a Nature Aspiration for the Collector trait and then switch to a different aspiration once you start playing.

Popularity, Friend of the World, Have Had 5 BFFs

Sims 4 Popularity Aspiration, Friend of the World

(Patched) You now only need one BFF, so no more of this nonsense.

You need to have 5 BFFs but you can only ever have one BFF at a time. Like many other players, I tried many ways to get more than one BFF and to break off with my current BFF without destroying the relationship before I realised this is simply how the game is. Apparently, to be a “Friend of the World”, you need to actively destroy a relationship with your BFF (likely your spouse).

If you want to cheat (I don’t consider this cheating since the step is just stupid.) –

     ♥ Complete other milestones, this cheat completes the entire Aspiration level.
     ♥ ctl-shift-c – open the cheat console
     ♥ aspirations.complete_current_milestone – copy and paste this line

If you don’t want to use a cheat –

I moved in my BFF, then used esc >> Manage Worlds >> ... >> Manage Household to delete her.

This was tragic because we were married, but she had to follow her dream of going to Shang Simla to study Sim-Fu. Presumably, my other three former BFFs all moved to distant parts of the world, never to be heard from again, thus making me a true “Friend of the World”. But at least I got to keep one BFF.

The whole process meant looking at a lot of loading screens, so next time I’ll just use the cheat.

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