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Sims 4 Collectibles Collections, Breeding Frogs
♠ 24 Virgo 14, Woden's Day ♣

Collectibles Collections for The Sims 4.

     ♥ (Insects) – See Outdoor Retreat.
     ♥ Fish – See Fishing.
     ♥ Plants – See Gardening.
     ♥ Microscope Prints, Space Prints – See Logic.
     ♥ Aliens, Space Rocks – Rocket ship missions.
     ♥ Crystals, Fossils, Metals, Elements – A matter of patiently digging.

Collecting Traits

     ♥ Collector (Starting with a Nature Aspiration) – Find rare collectibles more often.
     ♥ Geek – Find rare collectibles more often.

Collecting Tips

Rummage in trash bins.

For dig sites (Crystals, Fossils, Metals), spawns are different by neighbourhood/world. If you only dig around your home lot, you will find yourself missing a few commons.

MySims Trophies

From digging up a Mysterious Time Capsule.

Treasure Maps always give Time Capsules. Once you’ve completed your MySims collection, sell the maps to get a different collectible from the site.

With a Treasure Map, you may (very rarely) dig up a Madame Zoe’s Voodoo Doll (which can also be bought with high enough Mischief).


Once you have two frogs in your inventory, you get the option to “Breed Frog With…”.

When bred, you will get a frog of the same type as either parent or a crossbreed.

I find the best way to get frogs is to spam a frog pond. You can keep catching frogs from the pond without a timer. There’s a pond in each park and in Sylvan Glade.

Crossbreeding Table

The 25 types of Frogs fit nicely into this 5×5 table (which took forever to compile).

Using the table –

     ♥ To see what frog you may get, find both of them on the table. The crossbreed will be at one of the intersections. If they are both in the same row or column, the crossbreed will be on the same row or column.
     ♥ To see which frogs you need to attempt a particular crossbreed, find your target on the list, then cross one frog from the same row with one from the same column; or two frogs from the same row or column.
     ♥ For an example from my testing, from Striped Heart + Sunflower, I have only bred Striped Heart and Sunflower (parents), as well as Heart and Tiger (intersections).
     ♥ This doesn’t work all the time. From Striped Dirt + Spotted Eggplant, I got Dirtsurfer, Dirtwhirl, Surfer Eggplant, Striped Eggplant and Eggplant Whirl (all same column as a parent), as well as Striped Eggplant and Spotted Dirt (intersections).

StripedStriped DirtStriped LeafStriped EggplantStriped HeartTiger
SpottedSpotted DirtSpotted LeafSpotted EggplantSpotted HeartLeopard
SurferDirtsurferSurfer LeafSurfer EggplantHeartsurferSunsurfer
WhirlDirtwhirlHypnoFrogEggplant WhirlBullseyeWhirlyflower
Common, Uncommon, Rare
HypnoFrog (Leafwhirl), Bullseye (Heartwhirl), Leopard (Striped Flower), Tiger (Spotted Flower)

The complete frog collection. You can see the grouping by row (markings) and column (colour).
Arranging them like this makes it easy to breed the missing slots; just choose one frog from the same row and another from the same column.

My last frog was a Heartsurfer, from Striped Heart + Sunsurfer.


Collecting Postcards raises Writing.

CAppaloosa Plains
CLucky Palms
CMoonlight Falls
CSunset Valley
UBarnacle Bay
UChamps Les Sims
ULunar Lakes
UMidnight Hollow
RDragon Valley
RIsla Paradiso

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24 Virgo 14, Woden's Day
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