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Sims 4 Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Mixology, Culinary Career
♠ 17 Virgo 14, Woden's Day ♣

Cooking has the Food Aspiration (Master Chef, Master Mixologist) and the Culinary Career.

Master Chef Aspiration

One of the best reward traits, your food never spoils once you are a Fresh Chef.

Prepare a party-sized dish, leave it on the counter and take a serving whenever hungry. (Patched) Servings taking from the dish will spoil.

Master Mixologist Aspiration

The Potion Master reward trait allows you to mix mood potions from the bar. Each potion costs §1,000 and gives +100 for 3hrs.

Great for work.

Snaggle Fluster (Rapid Skill Gain Potion)

A mythical recipe bought off an mysterious hermit. Who knows what effects this drink may hold?

Snaggle Fluster is a recipe only unlockable from a career event at Mixologist Career level 9 (Drinkmaster).

Snaggle Fluster requires Mixology 10, costs §50 and gives Dazed+3/3hrs.

While the moodlet (purple) is on, skills advance rapidly (Skill Gain ×4; Effective Skill ×2).

For comparison, Night Owl gives ×1.25 (Skill gains are additive, so Night Owl+Snaggle Fluster=×4.25).

Snaggle Fluster appears under “Make Special Drinks” when you have a relevant mood but can be made all the time (click on “Skill” to sort, it’s a Mixology 10 drink).

Unlike normal drinks, queuing up multiple “Make Drink” will cause you to drink all of them.

To keep the drinks, you do not have to manually cancel the autodrink interaction. Make a normal drink before queuing up your Snaggle Flusters. (There’s a hidden Thirst motive, which Snaggle Fluster does not fill. Drinking a normal drink will fill it and stop you pouring down Snaggle Flusters as soon as you make them.)

Snaggle Fluster does not spoil.

Snaggle Fluster Career Event

Mythical Drink Guide On an otherwise uninteresting day, an unbelievably old man with an unbelievably long beard walks into Your Sim's bar. Under his arm is a dusty tome which the man says is a mythical drink guide that all the mixologists in town would love to get their hands on. He's selling it for a pile of Simoleons. Should Your Sim buy it or not?

Buying the guide costs §200 and may not unlock the recipe.

To stay at Mixologist Career level 9, change your work option. Skipping a day will also lower Job Performance.

If you promote anyway, use this cheat –

     ♥ ctl-shift-c – open the cheat console
     ♥ testingcheats on – copy and paste this line
     ♥ careers.demote culinary – copy and paste this line

The Sims 4 Cooking Tips and Tricks

You do not need ingredients from Gardening or Fishing to make Excellent! food.

It’s so easy to prepare Excellent! food you do not need the Starting Aspiration Bonus Trait or Flavorize (Stove). Even if you only produce Good food, you can still “Garnish“ to raise it to Excellent!.

While eating, you can watch the Cooking channel on TV.

Mixology is a great way to get Inspired quickly.

To complete both Food aspirations, you must take the Mixologist branch of the Culinary career.

Mood Meals

Being in these moods allow you to cook special meals which will give the mood when eaten –

     ♥ Angry
     ♥ Energized
     ♥ Flirty
     ♥ Playful

Food Quality

Good, Excellent!, Impeccable (Outdoor Retreat)

(Outdoor Retreat) Food cannot be “Garnished” to Impeccable.

Cooking Moods

     ♥ Inspired – Faster Cooking/Mixology skill gain and Cooking/Mixology whims

Cooking Traits and Satisfaction Rewards

     ♥ Creative – Randomly Inspired.
     ♥ Foodie – Gain moodlets from eating good food.
     ♥ (Outdoor Retreat) Stoves and Grills Master (1,500) – Cook Impeccable food and Herbalism potions.

All skill lists do not include new recipes or tricks.

All abilities are unimportant, except Gourmet Cooking unlocks at Cooking Level 5.

Cooking Skill Level Abilities

     ♥ Level 1 – Cook
     ♥ Level 3 – Talk About Cooking
     ♥ Level 5 – Unlocks Gourmet Cooking, cooking may give Competent Cook (Confidence +1/4hrs)
     ♥ Level 8 – Flavorise a Meal (Stove), improved quality
     ♥ Level 9 – Give Cooking Tips

Gourmet Cooking Skill Level Abilities

     ♥ Level 4 – Food prepared by sim may grant Delicious Dish
     ♥ Level 8 – Research Advanced Cooking Techniques
     ♥ Level 9 – Share Cooking Secrets
     ♥ Level 10 – Garnish dishes, improved quality.

Mixology Skill Level Abilities

     ♥ Level 1 – Make Drinks
     ♥ Level 2 – Talk about Drink Making
     ♥ Level 4 – Drinks give moodlets when drunk
     ♥ Level 5 – Gain the Talented Tender moodlet (Confident) after making a drink
     ♥ Level 6 – Practice Bar Tricks
     ♥ Level 7 – Drinks give stronger moodlets when drunk
     ♥ Level 8 – Share Mixology Secrets
     ♥ Level 10 – Freshen Drink (resets its spoilage timer), gain Mix Master (Inspired +2/4hrs) after making a drink

Culinary Career Promotion Requirements

Culinary Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Prepare Food
#CooMix Abilities
1  Clean Dishes 3 times 
2 2  
32 Cook an Excellent Grilled Cheese 
Chef Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Prepare Food
#CooGou Abilities
66 Have 5 Friends 
7 3Cook 5 Excellent Gourmet Dishes 
885Cook 6 Unique FoodsWrite Cook Book
9 7Charisma Level 3, Write Cook Book 
Mixologist Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Mix Drinks
#MixCha Abilities
65 Have 5 Friends 
77 Make 5 Excellent Drinks 
885Have 12 FriendsWrite Bar Guide
9107Write Bar Guide 
Coo = Cooking, Mix = Mixology, Gou = Gourmet Cooking, Cha = Charisma

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18 Virgo 14, Thor's Day
Sims 4 Music Skill, Musical Genius, Piper, Mentor Others in Music for 15 Hours
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18 Virgo 14, Thor's Day
(Sims 4 Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Mixology, Culinary Career)
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