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Sims 4 Death By Embarrassment, Embarrassed Moodlets
♠ 23 Virgo 14, Tyr's Day ♣

Back in the days of Sims 1, the Internet wasn’t as big a part of one’s life; we didn’t read up on games, we simply played them.

So there was no expectation of what would happen when a sim dies. And it’s a pleasant surprise when your sim dies for the very first time and Death shows up to reap her.

It was such a hit that Death shows up on the box art of the Sims 2 and has been very much a part of the series since.

In Sims 4, we still have the basic death types – Old Age, Electrocution, Fire, Starvation. We lost Drowning and we got… Death by Embarrassment. It’s one of the highlights of an otherwise bland gaming experience.

Dying from Embarrassment doesn’t make up for the loss of ghosts, but it’s still a nice touch; one of the things that highlights Sims 4’s take on the series: emotions.

(Patched, We have ghosts and pools now.)

So Embarrassed I Could Die

The Death is called “Ultimate Mortification’.

The word “mortified” actually means “died”, from the Latin “mortis”, meaning “death”.

Mortified: This Sim is so Embarrassed, they’re ready to curl up and die… literally. Try a pep talk in the mirror or hide from everyone in a bed for a bit!

But life goes on for the living, and there are Achievements to be achieved.

The death of a loved one is traumatic.

But there’s nothing like taking a selfie to take your mind off things.

Quite the Romeo, Grim. If a bit inappropriate.

You must work so hard, you poor thing. Would you like a massage?

“Reaping is just terrible on the shoulders, you have no idea!”

Sadly, First Kiss is not allowed, so we can’t progress to the fun stuff.

Killing Your Sim

Here’s a list of the Embarrassed moodlets I’ve found so you can kill your own sim –

     ♥ (Patched?) Hat of Shame +2 – It’s in CAS and has an icon.

     ♥ Peed Self +5
     ♥ Privacy Invaded! +1 – Be walked in on in the bathroom; Have another sim chat and Go Here Together.
     ♥ Awkward Comment +1
     ♥ Awkward Encounter +2 – Failed Romance
     ♥ Socially Awkward +1 (Loner)

     ♥ Essence of Embarrassment +2 – Cowplant Essense
     ♥ Awkward Joke +1 (Comedy > Joke Star > Horrifying Joke)
     ♥ Caught Hacking Work Performance +2 – Failed Hacking (Programming)
     ♥ Caught Red Handed! +2 – Failed Prank (Mischief)
     ♥ Shouldn’t Have Seen That +1 – Spying on Neighbors (Mischief)
     ♥ Embarrassed from Work +1
     ♥ Space Madness: Irrational Actions +2 (Rocket Ship Exploration)
     ♥ Imperfect Work +2 (Perfectionist)

There’s no trigger point. Once you hit Mortified, it just randomly happens, so maintain the state as long as you can. My sim died when I reloaded a game while she was Mortified.

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24 Virgo 14, Woden's Day
Sims 4 Stuck At Work, Not Returning From Work
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23 Virgo 14, Tyr's Day
(Sims 4 Death By Embarrassment, Embarrassed Moodlets)
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23 Virgo 14, Tyr's Day
Sims 4 My Victorian (Doll) House
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23 Virgo 14, Tyr's Day
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