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Sims 4 Fishing Locations, Bait, Angling Ace, Tilapia, Rainbowfish
♠ 13 Virgo 14, Saturn's Day ♣

Fishing fills a Collection and fulfils the Angling Ace Aspiration.

Last updated May 2016. (Patched) means something is no longer true.

Completing the Fishing collection, I pretty much feel how she looks.

The Sims 4 Fishing Tips and Tricks

Your Notebook can be found on your computer and on your phone (tiny icon on the top row). Notes are by sim (not by family).

Completing the Collection requires Handiness skill 10 for access to Forgotten Grotto. To quickly do this: Hire a repairman, then add to your family. Forgotten Grotto choices during Explore: 2,2,1.

Carry a Future Cube (Activities and Skills) to keep you Focused for faster skill gain.

Fish Freshness will decay over time. The value will not decrease.

Once any fish in a stack becomes foul, the stack cannot be put in a fridge without removing the foul fish.

The value of mounted fish is the same as the fish. The Confidence aura of mounted fish cannot be switched off.

“Examine Water” informs you which bait to use to catch one of the rarer fish in that spot. The message may change, but it does not mean the spawn is changing.

It feels like fishing spots deplete somehow. If you are looking for a particular fish, going to a different spawn works for me.

Zooming in allows you to see some of the fish you can catch at each fishing spot.

Fishing Moods

     ♥ Focused – Faster Fishing skill gain

Fishing Traits

     ♥ Loves Outdoors – Happy +1 when outdoors.

Fishing Skill Level Abilities

The important ones –

     ♥ Level 3 – Fish with Bait
     ♥ Level 5 – Examine Water to find out what bait to use
     ♥ Level 7 – Catch rare fish; “You can now catch a mysterious fish that lurks in the depths of each fishing spot.”

The others –

     ♥ Level 1 – Fish, Mount fish, Keep fish (fish bowl)
     ♥ Level 2 – Catch Bass, Koi and Trout (from fishing spots which contain them)
     ♥ Level 4 – Catch Catfish and Tilapia (from fishing spots which contain them)
     ♥ Level 6 – Catch Rainbow fish (from fishing spots which contain them)

An anglerfish jumps out of the frog pond in Willow Creek Park.

Fishing Spots and Fish Locations

As far as I can tell, there are two types of spots –

     ♥ Common – These have common/uncommon fish unique to each neighbourhood. Has Apple/Kitchen Upgrade Part. “These fish are biting at anything. As long as it’s valuable, they’re going for it!“ and “Most fish here will eat almost anything - as long as it’s organic, they’re biting!” (Catfish).
     ♥ Special – Where the rare fishes spawn. Forgotten Grotto, the frog ponds in Willow Creek Park/Sylvan Glade and the fishing spots in Oasis Spring Park near the mine/Sylvan Glade (non-pond).

To catch prized fish –

     ♥ You must have Fishing 7.
     ♥ Fish in the right fishing spot.
     ♥ With the right bait.

For example, at the same fishing spot in Forgotten Grotto, you can catch Anglerfish with fish as bait or Wolf Eels with frog as bait, but never a Wolf Eel with fish as bait (and neither can be caught without bait).

Fish List

     ♥ Cooking Ingredient Fish – Bass, Tilapia
     ♥ Gourmet Cooking Ingredient Fish – Trout, Salmon
     ♥ Ambrosia Ingredient Fish – Angelfish
     ♥ Gardening – Pomegranate (Willow Creek Park, Sylvan Glade frog pond), Cowplant Berry (Oasis Spring Park, Sylvan Glade fishing spot)

     ♥ Forgotten Grotto – Batfish, Health Potion
     ♥ Willow Creek Park (frog pond)/Sylvan Glade (frog pond) – Emotion Potion, Pomegranate

I have caught anglerfish with bass, batfish and treefish, so I’m thinking “medium fish” means those which give 3 points of Confidence.

The number in the first column is the Confidence Decor value when the fish is mounted.

A frog pond is a pond where you can catch frogs endlessly. Oasis Spring Park (near mine) has a Blackberry bush right next to the fishing spot.

I am pretty sure the frog ponds in Sylvan Glade and Willow Creek and the fishing spots in Sylvan Glade and Oasis Spring Park (near the mine) are the same, but if you want to be sure, just follow the table.

First Row, Common
2CGoldfishPurchased from Fish Bowl, Oasis Springs Park (frog pond)
2CGuppyPurchased from Fish Bowl, Oasis Springs Park (frog pond)
3CKoiWillow Creek Park (frog pond), Oasis Springs Park (frog pond)
Second Row, Common, Uncommon
2CTetraPurchased from Fish Bowl
3CTroutOasis Springs Park (frog pond), Sylvan Glade (fishing spot)
2UBettaWillow Creek Park (frog pond), Oasis Springs Park (near mine)
3UCatfishOrganic bait. Forgotten Grotto, some spots in both neighbourhoods
2UKissing GouramiOasis Springs Park (frog pond), Oasis Springs Community Lot
3UTilapiaSylvan Glade (fishing spot)
Third Row, Uncommon, Rare
4UWolf EelFrog bait. Any special
3RAnglerfishMedium Fish bait. Any special
3RBatfishForgotten Grotto
2RPiranhaMedium Fish bait. Willow Creek Park (frog pond), Oasis Springs Park (near mine)
3RRainbowfishForgotten Grotto, Oasis Springs Park (near mine), Sylvan Glade (fishing spot)
2RRed-Tailed Black SharkSmall Fish bait. Any special
4RSturgeonAny special
Fourth Row, Rare
3RTreefishWillow Creek Park (frog pond), Sylvan Glade (both)
3CWalleyeOrganic Bait. (Outdoor Retreat)
3CYellow PerchOrganic Bait. (Outdoor Retreat)
3URed CrawdadOrganic Bait. (Outdoor Retreat)
2R"Captain Fishbones" BonefishPurchased from The Boneyard (Fishbowl). Treat or Trick event.
3RBlue CrawdadOrganic Bait. (Outdoor Retreat) Deep Woods
2RGummie GuppiePurchased from The Gumber Fesh Bow (Fishbowl). Treat or Trick event.
3RMountain LionfishOrganic Bait. (Outdoor Retreat) Deep Woods

Sturgeon are often worth over §1,000.

(Patched) Important Note: It feels like you can “outlevel” fish or they deplete somehow. While I was making this list (doing a lot of fishing), I did not catch a single Goldfish, Guppy, Koi or Trout, all of which are common, for several (real) hours from fishing spots (I later found them all in the Oasis Springs Park frog pond). I and another player have had a lot of trouble fishing Tilapia with fully-skilled sims. If you want to complete your collection, I suggest leveling up on the special spawns, then catching the common fish from the ponds.

Overly Muscular Sims

(Patched) Fishing will eventually give you full muscles (even without the Fitness skill). To fix it –

     ♥ ctl-shift-c – open the cheat console
     ♥ cas.fulleditmode – copy and paste this line
     ♥ testingcheats on – copy and paste this line
     ♥ shift-click on sim
     ♥ Modify in CAS

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