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Sims 4 Mischief Skill, Voodoo Doll, Criminal Career
♠ 25 Virgo 14, Thor's Day ♣

Mischief is used in the Deviance Aspirations (Chief of Mischief and Public Enemy) and in the Criminal and Secret Agent (Villain branch only) careers.

To complete Public Enemy, you must join the Criminal Career.

You cannot fulfil the Aspiration requirement if you’ve maxed and quit the career. To fix this –

     ♥ Complete other milestones, this cheat completes the entire Aspiration level.
     ♥ ctl-shift-c – open the cheat console
     ♥ aspirations.complete_current_milestone – copy and paste this line

(Patched) If you have Connections, you instantly join at Level 4 and fulfil the Aspiration requirement.

Mischief Traits

     ♥ Goofball – Randomly Playful.
     ♥ Hot-Headed – Randomly Angry.
     ♥ Mean – Mischief and Meanness makes you happy.
     ♥ Evil – Why stop at Mean? Fully commit!
     ♥ Shameless (2,000) – Failing with Mischief can give you Embarrassed moodlets, being Shameless lets you ignore that

Mischief Moods

     ♥ Playful – Faster Mischief skill gain and whims

Mischief Skill Level Abilities

All abilities are unimportant, except Partners in Crime (Good Friends) unlocks at Mischief Level 4.

Partners in Crime allows you to create a work event which may raise (or lower) your job performance.

     ♥ Level 1 – Trick with Handbuzzer, Troll teh Forums (Computer, Tablet, Socialize)
     ♥ Level 3 – Ask Due Date, Dare Sims to Streak, Kick Over Trashcans, Prank Phone Calls, Stomp in Puddles
     ♥ Level 4 – Share Conspiracy Theories, Send Chain Letters (Computer, Socialise), Spy on Neighbors (Observatory), Partners in Crime (Good Friends)
     ♥ Level 5 – Noxious Cloud, Clog Drain (Sinks and Tubs)
     ♥ Level 6 – Play Hooky (Phone; skip work)
     ♥ Level 7 – Describe Apocalypse
     ♥ Level 8 – Send Spam Money Request (Computer, Socialize), Stuff Fruit in Exhaust Port (Rocket Ship)
     ♥ Level 9 – Slam ’Em Silly
     ♥ Level 10 – Air Horn

Becoming Partners in Crime unlocks interactions with your partners. Playing pranks at work affects your job performance!

Voodoo Doll

     ♥ Level 1 – Poke (Angry +2/4hrs), Frolic (Playful +2/4hrs), Cuddle (Romantic Relationship; Flirty +2/4hrs)
     ♥ Level 3 – Purchase Voodoo Doll (Computer), Tickle (Uncomfortable +2/4hrs)
     ♥ Level 5 – Soak (Dazed +2/4hrs)

Voodoo isn’t automatic. Failure gives a Sad moodlet.

You can summon a bound sim to you.

You cannot bind a sim you have not met. Go introduce yourself.

A sim can only have one Voodoo moodlet at a time. The latest one will replace any other.

You can get Voodoo Dolls by Fishing (special spots) and digging (very rarely). The easiest way to get one is to reach Mischief 3 and buy it.

If Grim Reaper is on the lot, you can Toy With Death with an Unbound Voodoo Doll (It doesn’t seem to do anything).

She looks confused while Grim pleads with Grim.

Criminal Career Promotion Requirements

Criminal Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Energized   Daily: Mischief Interactions
#MisCha Abilities
2  Level 2 Fitness or Programming 
3 2Have 1 Person Despise Your SimPick Pocket (Mischief)
44 Sucessfully Pickpocket 5 Sims 
56 Level 4 Fitness or Programming 
Boss Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Confident   Daily: Mean Interactions
#MisChaLog Abilities
674 Have 4 People Despise Your SimThreaten (Mean) – No notification
78 3  
8  6Win 3 Chess Games 
9106 Have 6 People Despise Your SimSearch For Bank Blueprints (Computer, Web)
Oracle Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Focused   Daily: Hacking
#MisPro Abilities
675Hack 3 Times 
78 Successfully Hack Into the Mainframe 3 TimesHack Mainframe
8 7Hacked §2,500 
9108Create 10 VirusesDivert Funds… (Phone) – No notification
Mis = Mischief, Cha = Charisma, Log = Logic, Pro = Programming

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Sims 4 Comedy Skill, Entertainer Career
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