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Sims 4 Music Skill, Musical Genius, Piper, Mentor Others in Music for 15 Hours
♠ 18 Virgo 14, Thor's Day ♣

Music has the Musical Genius Aspiration and the Entertainer (Musician branch) career.

There is a separate skill for each instrument; Guitar, Violin and Piano.

Musical Genius, Mentor Others in Music for 15 Hours

To Mentor Others in Music for 15 hours, you need Level 10 skill in the instrument.

Add a sim to your household, have them play an instrument, then select the Mentor social.


Piper abilities work on all instruments and do not affect your sim.

     ♥ Carol of Cleaning – Makes sims perform a cleaning interaction. Just one. Useful, but not a free maid.
     ♥ Ditty of Drowsiness – Makes sims sleepy.
     ♥ Etude of Egress – Makes sims leave.
     ♥ Song of Sophistication – Changes sims into Formal attire.

Music Traits

     ♥ Creative – Randomly Inspired.
     ♥ Music Lover – Gain moodlets for listening to and playing music.

Music Moods

     ♥ Inspired – Faster music skill gain and whims

Music Skill Level Abilities

All abilities are unimportant.

2Research the Guitar/Violin/Piano(Computer)
Appreciate the BluesAppreciate Classical Music(Stereo)
Enthuse about Guitar SolosDiscuss ViolinistsRhapsodize about Piano Sonatas 
Pluck Some InspirationBow for InspirationPlunk for Inspiration 
3Blues SongsTraditional Songs 
4Jam on the GuitarPlay a Concerto 
Rock SongsBlues Songs 
5Country SongsRomantic Songs 
Listen and Learn(Higher Skilled Pianists)
6Serenade Other Sims 
BalladsRomantic SongsPost-Bop Songs 
7Promise to Dedicate Songs 
Latin SongsEastern MusicLatin Songs 
Lull Sims to SleepBring Sims to Tears 
8Write and Name Songs 
Classical SongsSwing SongsRagtime Songs 
Jazz Up the Place 
9License Written Songs(Mailbox)
Jazz SongsAdvanced ClassicalClassical Songs 
10Mentor Other Sims 
Avant-Garde Songs 

Write A Song

It takes a very long time to finish a song. If you stop the interaction, a Sheet Music will appear in your inventory, you can continue the song by interacting with it.

You cannot Scrap songs.

You can license one song for each instrument at a time.

As skill still raises while doing this, start as soon as it unlocks at Level 8 to progress Musical Genius 3 (Earn §1,000 from Licensed Songs).

Entertainer Career Promotion Requirements

For info about the Musician career, see the Comedy page.

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20 Virgo 14, Saturn's Day
Sims 4 My Creative Sim Guide
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18 Virgo 14, Thor's Day
(Sims 4 Music Skill, Musical Genius, Piper, Mentor Others in Music for 15 Hours)
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18 Virgo 14, Thor's Day
Sims 4 Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Mixology, Culinary Career
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17 Virgo 14, Woden's Day
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13 Virgo 14, Saturn's Day
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