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Sims 4 My Creative Sim Guide
♠ 18 Virgo 14, Thor's Day ♣

My guide to a Creativity sim. Would be a Creative Renaissance Sim, but the Renaissance Sim Aspiration is bugged.

This goes through four careers, 12 skills, 8 aspirations and 20 achievements.

The Set-Up

     ♥ Aspiration: Bestselling Author, Muser (Better boosts to skills when Inspired)
     ♥ Traits: Creative, Perfectionist, Loner (ignore the social motive and be happy doing so)
     ♥ Alt Traits: Art Lover instead of Creative (Gain Inspired +2 by Admiring a Work of Art)

I started with a blank lot. I like the lot next to the entrance to Sylvan Glade.

Make a one room house.

Don’t buy furniture yet, slowly fill them in as you need them/when you get whims.

Buy the cheapest furniture except for the most expensive shower, second most expensive bed and second cheapest toilet.

Cancel all Gardening and social whims. You can use unlocked Inspiring Decor or just keep taking showers to maintain Inspired. (Or wear the Inspired animal hat if you have it.)

Part 1 – Bestselling Author 1

Write books until you get Writer’s Block. Don’t publish your books.

Once you have Writer’s Block, buy the shower and start getting Inspired. Place inspiring decor if you have them unlocked (enable the aura).

     ♥ Fun: Play Guitar
     ♥ Clear Beat Writer’s Block and Write 2 Books.
     ♥ Finish your current book.

Part 2 – Chef

We will now start to switch aspirations with each activity. It’s a bit tedious but well worth it.

We’ll start with Culinary for our first career. Get a job.

Switch to the Master Chef aspiration and start cooking.

Wash three meals for your promotion requirement.

Buy a television and Watch Culinary Training Videos when you eat.

According to your motives/whims/career –

     ♥ Guitar – Musical Genius
     ♥ Read – Renaissance Sim
     ♥ Cook – Master Chef
     ♥ Work – Get an inspiring shower before going to work. Switch to Work Hard.

As your career promotion requirements, motives and whims dictate –

     ♥ Complete Master Chef 1.
     ♥ Complete Master Mixologist 1.
     ♥ Complete Musical Genius 1. You can Listen to Music while cooking. Aspiration doesn’t have to be active.

Repair broken objects to raise your Handiness. Upgrade when you can.

When you place your career rewards, remember to Enable Emotional Aura.

Part 3 – Popularity

We’ll now make some friends. Switch to Friend of the World.

Set up a Focus room. Upgrade something. Psych Self Up (Mirror).

     ♥ Complete Introduce Self to 10 Sims (at least 2 Neighbours).
     ♥ Complete Renaissance Sim 1 – Read 3 Books
     ♥ Complete Musical Genius 2 – For Earn §100 Playing for Tips, there isn’t an interaction for this; Go to a Community Lot and Jam. Take a shower first and then invite all your new friends-to-be so you have an audience.
     ♥ 4,000 Satisfaction – Never Weary; sell your bed.

Part 4 – Dinner Party

Make a room with a toilet for your guests.

     ♥ Plan a Dinner Party
     ♥ Select Master Chef, cook a group meal.
     ♥ Select Master Mixologist, mix drinks.
     ♥ Select Master Chef when you hit silver.
     ♥ Select Party Animal to get the count.

To select Make Drinks for Everyone, you need to be in a group conversation, so chat with someone already chatting, then make drinks. Once you start mixing, cancel the conversation so you mix faster.

You will be confident after your party, so make sure you are talking with someone before they all leave (so you can keep talking to them), since confidence boosts Charisma.

     ♥ Fun – Read the Mixology skill book.
     ♥ Complete Master Mixologist 2
     ♥ Complete Master Chef 2
     ♥ Complete Friend of the World 1
     ♥ 2,000 Satisfaction – Entrepreneurial

When you hit the career folk, choose the Mixologist branch. You need this to complete the Master Mixologist Aspiration.

Part 5 – Friend of the World

     ♥ Complete Friend of the World 2
     ♥ Complete Friend of the World 3
     ♥ 4,000 Satisfaction – Savant
     ♥ Complete Master Mixologist 3
     ♥ Complete Master Chef 3
     ♥ Complete Friend of the World 4 – Have a Friendly Relationship with 25 Sims means you need to have a positive relationship, you do not have to be friends. Just introduce yourself till you reach it.

At this point you never have to socialise again! Except for…

     ♥ Complete Master Chef 4
     ♥ Progress Party Animal
     ♥ 1,000 Satisfaction – Night Owl
     ♥ 1,000 Satisfaction – Morning Sim
     ♥ 2,000 Satisfaction – Steel Bladder
     ♥ 4,000 Satisfaction – Hardly Hungry
     ♥ Complete Master Mixologist 4

Part 6 – Culinary Level 10

At this point you can ignore whims.

I was still at career level 8. With Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Mixology maxed, Charisma 8 and Handiness 7.

While waiting for the last two levels, I worked on Handiness by upgrading my stuff and building new furniture.

After completing Handiness, I started raising Writing (Don’t Publish any books yet).

For Fun, I bought a Telescope to raise Logic and get some collectibles.

     ♥ Progress Musical Genius 3 – Write and License a Song
     ♥ Complete Renaissance Sim 1 (Renaissance Sim 2 is bugged)
     ♥ Complete Bestselling Author 2
     ♥ Complete Fabulously Wealthy 1

Once you reach the final promotion, get both rewards before switching to the Writer career.

     ♥ 2,000 Satisfaction – Creative Visionary
     ♥ 3,000 Satisfaction – Connections

+115 Inspired

Part 7 – Writer Career

     ♥ Fun – Daily Task, Read Books. Read your own books before you publish them. Once your Daily Task is complete, continue raising Logic.
     ♥ Switch to Nerd Brain before reading.
     ♥ Complete Nerd Brain 2

Either branch will do. The Author branch requires you to submit two books to Literary Digests (which means a minimum of one week if you haven’t submitted one already); the Journalist branch requires Charisma 5, which you should already have.

Once you finish your career/aspiration requirements, you can hoard your written books to submit them weekly to Literary Digests.

     ♥ Complete Fabulously Wealthy 2
     ♥ Complete Bestselling Author 3
     ♥ 1,000 Satisfaction – Speed Reader
     ♥ 3,000 Satisfaction – Carefree

Part 7 – Rocket Ship

     ♥ Complete Bestselling Author 4
     ♥ Complete Fabulously Wealthy 3
     ♥ Complete Nerd Brain 3 (Don’t upgrade, launch your rocket after you’ve built it)

You can now afford to get all the good, expensive objects for your home… and complete a milestone for upgrading them.

     ♥ Complete Mansion Baron 1
     ♥ 3,000 Satisfaction – Antiseptic
     ♥ 4,000 Satisfaction – Professional Slacker
     ♥ 500 Satisfaction – Speed Cleaner

At this point you can mostly ignore your motives.

Start levelling your Piano.

After maxing out your Writer career, it’s time to move on!


Part 8 – Entertainer/Musician career

Go to a public lot, bringing 7 of your friends along.

Jam on a piano/guitar until you’ve made your §100 in Tips promotion requirement. You’ll have to spam the interaction.

     ♥ Complete Nerd Brain 4
     ♥ Complete Fabulously Wealthy 4
     ♥ Complete Mansion Baron 2
     ♥ Complete Musical Genius 3 – The song I wrote on Piano didn’t count for some reason.
     ♥ Complete Musical Genius 4
     ♥ 2,000 Satisfaction – Frugal
     ♥ 2,000 Satisfaction – Shameless
     ♥ Finish skilling your musical instruments.

Instant Upgrade gives an object all its upgrades and doesn’t require components. There’s a long cooldown though.

Switch to Painter Extraordinaire and start on Painting.

Sadly, the Perfectionist bonus, the Perfectly Made moodlet (Happy +3/4hrs) only activated at this point.

Part 9 – Painter

     ♥ Complete Painter Extraordinaire.
     ♥ Done!

Addtional Credits

Contributions from OrionTurtle via reddit.

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