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Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Herbalism Skill, Insect Collection
♠ 26 Taurus 16, Thor's Day ♣

Basically a mini Sims 3 World Adventures for Sims 4, Outdoor Retreat allows your sims to go on vacation.

Outdoor Retreat adds collectible fish, plants and insects, the Herbalism skill and the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.

You can now catch insects again (though only on the vacation world). Insects are used in some Herbalism recipes.

Outdoor Retreat Collectibles

     ♥ Outdoor Retreat Fish – See Fishing.
     ♥ Outdoor Retreat Plants – See Gardening.

Outdoor Retreat Tips

To travel to the Forest from your lodging, press M.

The Deep Woods can only be reached through the rabbit hole in the Forest.

Outdoor Retreat Herbalism Skill

Like other potions, Herbalism potions can be stored in the fridge. Insects can be stored in chests.

If your sim starts and stops the interaction to Brew Herbal Remedy, put the stove/grill into household inventory. If on a public lot, reset the object with testingcheats.

To mass produce Herbalism potions, put two grills side by side and start the second interaction while your sim is working on the first.

Natural Herbicide Oil can only be used on plants when they require weeding. It removes the weeds (can’t tell if it does anything else, but one would think so).

The Hermit has a recipe she will teach you if you are Good Friends with her.

Some useful plant-only Herbalism recipes for making spliced plants –

     ♥ Clear Mind Distillation – Toxic Chamomile, Huckleberry, Parsley
     ♥ Insect Repellent Liniment – Noxious Elderberry, Basil
     ♥ Deodorizing Cream – Elderberry, Strawberry, Parsley

Herbalism Moods

     ♥ Focused – Faster Herbalism skill gain

Herbalism Satisfaction Rewards

     ♥ Stoves and Grills Master (1,500) – Cook Impeccable food and Herbalism potions (Also great for Cooking).

Insects make great pillars. To stack/enlarge them, see Cheats.

Outdoor Retreat Collectible Insects

Finding insects can be frustrating at first but you will quickly get used to it.

Insects will not appear while the game is paused (like Sims 3).

In the Forest, F2 to edit the lot and remove all the big trees. Insects do not spawn in the editable area, so you can easily see where the area ends.

Each time you find a spawn, save the camera (ctrl-5-9, 5-9 to return).

Also, buy a bunch of portable lights (Lightbringer) and drop one. Lamps and everything else you drop returns to Household inventory when your vacation ends.

Check your spawns when the sunlight shifts. Some may spawn more than once, but they usually don’t.

First Row, Common
CBee Campground (Day)
CBlue Morpho Butterfly Deep Woods (Day)
CFire Ant Campground (Day)
CFirefly (Night)
CJezebel Butterfly Campground (Day)
CKatydid Forest, hole to Deep Woods (Day)
CLadybug Campground (Day)
Second Row, Common, Uncommon
CLuna Moth Deep Woods
CMosquito Forest, hole to Deep Woods (Day)
CStink Bug Forest
CTermite Forest, hole to Deep Woods (Day)
UDragonfly Deep Woods (Day)
UJewel Beetle Deep Woods (Day)
ULocust Forest (Day)
Third Row, Uncommon, Rare
UMantis Forest (Day)
UMonarch Butterfly Forest (Day)
UWalking Stick Deep Woods
RDragon Dragonfly Forest, waterfall (Day)
RDust Spirit Forest (Night)
RRainbow Firefly Campground, Forest (Night)
RWill-o-the-Wisp Deep Woods (Night)

Luna Villareal catches some Luna Moths

Outdoor Retreat Insect Spawns

Campground Insect Spawns

     ♥ On the big statue’s left, by the fence – Rainbow Firefly
     ♥ In front of the shower – Two common spawns
     ♥ Very much on the statue’s left, by the rental lot
     ♥ From the camp site (cheapest lot), on the side of the picnic table, there’s a wild plant in the corner of the map – Two common spawns some distance from the wild plant

Granite Falls Forest Insect Spawns

     ♥ Edge of the water very near the waterfall fishing spot, near a dig site – Dragon Dragonfly
     ♥ Wild plant near the waterfall fishing spot – Dust Spirit/Rainbow Firefly
     ♥ Near the waterfall fishing spot – Two uncommon spawns
     ♥ In front of the shower, outside the editable zone
     ♥ Far in front of the cooler on the pouch, outside the editable zone
     ♥ Near the big rock to the far right of the shower
     ♥ Rabbithole to Deep Woods – Two common spawns
     ♥ Some distance from the rabbithole, near a fallen log, a wild plant and a frog log
     ♥ Trees behind the non-waterfall fishing spot
     ♥ Near the big rock up the path from the non-waterfall fishing spot

Deep Woods Hermit’s House Insect Spawns

     ♥ Fishing spot/campfire, under the trees up the hill – Will-o-the-Wisp
     ♥ Facing the rabbithole, to the right, on the raised brown area, under the trees – Will-o-the-Wisp
     ♥ Even further right, in the nook in the mountains – Uncommon spawn (Jewel Beetle/Walking Stick)
     ♥ Near the rock garden – Uncommon spawn (Jewel Beetle/Walking Stick)
     ♥ By the rocks between the fishing spot and campfire – Uncommon spawn (Dragonfly)
     ♥ In front of the rabbithole, under the tree leading to the rock garden; another is nearby
     ♥ On the bedroom side of the Hermit’s House, some distance away, under the three trees
     ♥ In a line starting from the fishing spot and crossing through the campfire, at the rocks
     ♥ The edge/cliff, on the fireplace side of the Hermit’s House

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Sims 4 Adding Grim Reaper to Your Family
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