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Sims 4 Painting Skill, Painter Career, Painter Extraordinaire
♠ 22 Virgo 14, Moon's Day ♣

Painting has the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration and the Painter Career (Master of the Real and Patron of the Arts branches).

Painter Extraordinaire, Expressionistic

Completing Painter Extraordinaire makes you Expressionistic, allowing you to create Emotion Paintings regardless of your current mood.

You still need to be Focused to paint a Mathematical Diagram.

It also unlocks all emotion books for the Writing skill.

Expressionistic, Sad Paintings

Painting Quality (Emotional Ambiance)

Okay (2), Good (4), Excellent! (6), Masterpiece (9)

Painting Moods

     ♥ Inspired – Faster Painting skill gain and whims

Painting Traits

     ♥ Art Lover – Gain Inspired +2 by Admiring a Work of Art.
     ♥ Creative – Randomly Inspired.
     ♥ Perfectionist – Paintings take longer but are of higher quality.
     ♥ Creative Visionary (2,000)

The Sims 4 Painting Tips and Tricks

Unlike Sims 3 –

     ♥ Paintings no longer raise in value when you keep them in your house. They will raise the cost of your bills.
     ♥ You can no longer tell if a painting is a Masterpiece before it is completed.

To view what a completed painting looks like while it is still a blank canvas: Pause the game, Scrap Painting. The completed painting will appear in your action queue list.

Painting Skill Level Abilities

All abilities are unimportant.

Interactions –

     ♥ Level 2 – Discuss Color Theory
     ♥ Level 8 – Describe Aesthetics
     ♥ Level 10 – Mentor Other Sims

 ClassicEmotionalPop ArtRealismAbstractSurrealismImpressionistic
1Low SkillLow Skill   
3Low Skill
4Medium SkillLow Skill
5Medium SkillMedium SkillLow Skill
6High SkillMedium Skill
7High SkillMedium Skill
8High SkillHigh Skill
9High Skill

Painting Genres

Being in a certain mood will allow you to create emotion paintings. Unlike Writing, you do not need to raise your skill before you can paint them.

     ♥ Focused – Mathematical Diagram
     ♥ Angry – Angry Painting
     ♥ Confident – Confident Painting
     ♥ Flirty – Flirty Painting
     ♥ Playful – Playful Painting
     ♥ Sad – Sad Painting

Like all emotional decor, Emotional Paintings will have an optional emotional aura. Paintings of Good and above also allow you to View Emotional Work (Only Okay paintings lack this, but Okay Mathematical Diagrams do allow you to View Focused Work).

There’s a bug which allows you to complete multiple “Sell to…” requirements with a single painting. If you attempt to sell a masterpiece, a pop-up will appear asking if you wish to do so. Selecting “No” will let you keep your painting and fulfil the requirement.

Painter Career Promotion Requirements

The Easels are –

     ♥ E.A.S.L. Easel (Painting Quality: 4)
     ♥ Level 4 – Easy-Breezy Easel (Painting Quality: 5)
     ♥ Patron of the Arts, Level 8 – Pre-Owned Painter’s Easel (Painting Quality: 7, Inspiring Decor: 4)
     ♥ Master of the Real, Level 8 – Deluxe All-Season Easel (Painting Quality: 9)

If you want the best easel, you have to take the Master of the Real branch.

Painter Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Create Paintings
#Pai Abilities
12View/Admire 3 Different Works of Art 
23Successfully Research Art Reference TwiceResearch Art Reference (Computer)
34Create 3 Different-Sized Paintings 
45Create 1 Excellent PaintingCritically Assess (Paintings)
56Sell 5 Paintings to Art GalleryGather Inspiration (Art), Hire Agent (Phone)
67Create 3 Different-Sized High-Quality Paintings 
Master of the Real Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Create Paintings
78Create 1 Masterpiece
89Create an Excellent Painting in Every Genre
910Create and Sell 3 Masterpieces (You can sell Masterpieces painted before reaching this level),
Describe Aesthetics to a Group of Sims (at least 2)
Patron of the Arts Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: View Paintings
78 View/Admire 10 Different Works of Art, Discuss Color Theory with 2 Other Sims
89 Own 1 Masterpiece Painting, Describe Aesthetics to 3 Other Sims
9103Own 10 Masterpiece Paintings
Pai = Painting, Cha = Charisma


Sadness (Low, Medium, High Skill)

Classic (High Skill)

Pop Art (High Skill)

Abstract (High Skill)

Impressionism (High Skill)

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