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Sims 4 Writing, Bestselling Author Aspiration, Beat Writer’s Block
♠ 14 Virgo 14, Sun Lord's Day ♣

Writing is good for a second career, since it’s best started after you have the satisfaction points for Creative Visionary (higher chance of writing masterwork).

Writing has the Bestselling Author Aspiration and its own career (Author and Journalist branches).

The Book of Life

Completing the Bestselling Author Aspiration makes you Poetic, which allows you to write the Book of Life. You can write multiple Books.

The Book of Life can only bring a sim back from the dead if it is used before they die. Use the book to Capture Epic Saga of the sim you wish to protect. After they die, use the book again to Summon them back.

While the saga-captured sim is still alive, reading the Book will raise all motives to full (like a Sims 3 moodlet manager).

This can be done repeatedly, but Summon consumes the Book of Life.

You cannot Capture Epic Saga for yourself.

Once an Epic Saga has been captured, any sim can read it. You can carry and read your own book to raise your motives (though you need another sim to Capture your Saga). It’s like cheating, but hey, you’ve earned it.

Bug: When a sim dies, their inventory items goes into the household inventory. When they are Summoned, the items return to their inventory. If you have placed the items in the world, this can create problems. In my case, I placed a frog from a stack on a table and, after Summoning, can no longer move or delete that table. Reloading fixes this.

The Career Achievement. Author 10 unlocks the bookshelf secret door.

Books, Skill Books and Reading

Books are treated as individual objects, not as individual titles. If you buy a new copy of the same title, you can Read it again (instead of “Reread”). Bookshelves come with plenty of books, so there is a constant supply of fresh books to read.

Finish Reading x Books – For the Nerd Brain aspiration. You can buy multiple copies of skill books to complete this while raising your skills. 1) Your sim will not stop reading; keep an eye on the counter and stop reading manually. 2) If you read a skill book before you can gain skill from it, you will not get credit for reading it when you are able to gain skill from it (if you read a skill book and do not gain skill, sell that particular book).

If you want to finish reading a book – Because reading can be multitasked with walking, your sim will often stop reading before they finish a book unless there are no pending interactions. Often, you will have to wait for them to finish before giving them new commands (and check that the book says “Reread”). The only multitask I find useful is using the toilet (queue them to sit on a chair after so they continue reading).

Skill Books

     ♥ Book Level 1 – Skill Level 0-3
     ♥ Book Level 2 – Skill Level 4-6
     ♥ Book Level 3 – Skill Level 7-8

If you are too advanced for the skill book, the skill meter will not hover over your head, and you will get a grey Bored +1 moodlet.

The Sims 4 Writing Tips and Tricks

When you Resume Writing, you will use the nearest computer, which might not be the one you triggered the action on. So if you have two computers (one for Inspired and one for Focused), Sit your sim on the chair before you Resume Writing.

You might want to wait for a requirement before you publish your books. Aspiration Level 3 has “Publish 10 Books”. The Career has publishing requirements too. And of course there are publishing whims.

Once published, you cannot get your book back. You might also want to keep an emotion book for the moodlet buff.

You can only Submit to Literary Digest once a week, so choose your highest quality work.

Writing Traits

     ♥ Creative – Randomly Inspired.
     ♥ Bookworm – Allows you to analyse books to get Inspired, but it takes too long. Might have passive bonuses like faster reading but Perfectionist seems better.
     ♥ Perfectionist – Slower writing but better books.
     ♥ Gloomy – Write Sad books because you’re Sad more often. And your sim mopes around and breaks into tears. It’s hilarious.
     ♥ Creative Visionary (2,000)
     ♥ Speed Reader (1,000)

But why wait for the random Sad moodlet? Just ignore your social motive. It will eventually drop to full red, giving your sim the Desolate moodlet (Sadness +3). Works for all non-Loner sims.

Other default Sad books are All the Sickly Horses, No Exit Ramp, Orphan Song and One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Written Book Quality

Good, Excellent!, Bestseller

Writing Moods

     ♥ Inspired – Faster Writing skill gain and writing-related whims

Writing Skill Level Abilities

The important ones –

     ♥ Level 1 – Practice Writing, Write Genre Book
     ♥ Level 2 – Self-Publish Books
     ♥ Level 3 – Write Emotion Books
     ♥ Level 5 – Sell to Publisher
     ♥ Level 9 – Submit to Literary Digest

The others –

     ♥ Level 3 – Read Non-Fiction Books for Reference (Inspired +2/4hrs), Write Excuse Notes for Other Sims, Discuss Favourite Book/Author
     ♥ Level 4 – Write Love Emails
     ♥ Level 5 – Recite Love Poetry
     ♥ Level 7 – Enthuse about Iambic Pentameter
     ♥ Level 10 – Mentor other Sims in Writing

Writer Career Promotion Requirements

Writer Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Read Books
#Wri Abilities
1 Practice Writing for 3 Hours 
22Write a Book 
33Self-Publish 2 BooksPitch Story Idea
44Write 3 Books 
55Self-Publish 4 Books 
Author Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Write Books
#Wri Abilities
67Earned §500 publishing books 
78Write 5 Books 
89Earned §2,500 publishing books 
910Submit 2 Books to Literary Digests 
Journalist Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Write Articles
#WriCha Abilities
672Write 3 articlesWrite an Article
783Write 5 articles 
894Earned §500 from articles 
9105Earned §2500 from articles 
Wri = Writing, Cha = Charisma

Journalist: To Write an Article, first talk to a sim and Interview for Story (reveals one trait) or Interview about Life (reveals all traits). You can also Rummage for Information from other sim’s garbage cans; you need to load their lot for this.

You may then Write a Positive or Negative Article on them (Computer).

Writing Genres / Emotion Books

Writing an emotion book requires Writing 3, in addition to being in the correct mood.

Being Expressionistic by completing Painter Extraordinaire unlocks all emotion books.

Reading an emotion book gives +2/4hrs. You do not have to read the whole book to get the moodlet.

Skill LevelMood (Emotion Books)(Skill Books)
Level 0Children’s(Confident)Motivational BookCulinary Career
Unlocks 8, Requirement 9
Level 3Short Stories(Energized)Workout Guide
Level 4Poems(Flirty)Romance Book(Chef)Cook Book
Level 5Non-Fiction(Playful)Playful Book(Mixologist)Bar Guide
Level 6Screenplays(Sad)Sad Book 
Level 7Fantasy Other
Level 8Science FictionComedy Skill
Level 9MysteryLevel 7Comedy Book
Level 10Biography 

Bestselling Author Aspiration, Beat Writer’s Block


This aspiration is difficult for some, with “Beat Writer’s Block” on the very first milestone. The problem isn’t beating writer’s block as actually getting writer’s block.

You’ll need your Bladder, Hunger and Energy motives high, because you’ll have to Practice Writing for some time before you get it. The main thing is to keep writing uninterrupted and only Practice Writing lets you do that. A sim who does nothing but write will get it regularly.

Spamming books won’t work once you have a few levels in Writing.

After practising writing for many sim hours, your sim will stop writing. Start her up again. Keep doing this until the interaction is greyed out. The Writer’s Block moodlet is an orange Tense moodlet.

Addtional Credits

Contributions from AntagonistAgent via reddit.

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