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The Sims 4 Hotkeys, Tips and Tricks
♠ 10 Virgo 14, Woden's Day ♣

Putting together strategy/tips/tricks for Sims 4. For now, I’m glad that saving locations from Sims 3 still works, but because of the many lots format, it’s not that useful. I mostly use it for saving dig rocks on my home lot.

Outdoor Retreat Insects make great pillars once stacked/enlarged.

Sims 4 Hotkeys

     ♥ ctrl-5-9 – SAVE CAMERA location
     ♥ 5-9 – FOCUS CAMERA on saved location
     ♥ right-click on portrait – CAMERA ON SIM
     ♥ `-3 0 – Time controls

Build Mode / Buy Mode

     ♥ T – TOP DOWN camera
     ♥ alt – While MOVING an object disables snap to grid (works on paintings and other wall objects)
     ♥ alt – While ROTATING an object disables snap to angle
     ♥ F5 – Toggles between snap to half grid and quarter grid (it still snaps, but in smaller increments)

While object is HELD –
     ♥ , . – Rotate held object (the <> keys without pressing shift)
     ♥ ] [ – Make BIGGER/SMALLER (press and move your mouse)
     ♥ alt-9 alt-0 (Sims 3 cam) – Make HIGHER/LOWER.
     ♥ 9 0 (Sims 4 cam) – Make HIGHER/LOWER.
     ♥ del – Sell
     ♥ backspace – Move to household inventory

Sims 4 Useful Cheats

     ♥ You can copy and paste into the console.
     ♥ ctl-shift-c – Opens the console
     ♥ testingcheats on – Activates the good stuff
     ♥ shift-click on SIM – CAS and other stuff
     ♥ cas.fulleditmode – Body options, redo traits, etc. (use BEFORE opening CAS)

     ♥ bb.moveobjects – Place objects anywhere
     ♥ bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement – Unlock career-locked objects
     ♥ bb.showhiddenobjects – Show hidden objects. Go to “Filter Items…” (above the item list) > Content > Debug

     ♥ freerealestate on
     ♥ money # – Set household funds to §#.
     ♥ sims.give_satisfaction_points # – Add Aspiration points #.
     ♥ careers.promote careername – (testingcheats on) Promote/demote career. careername has no spaces (secretagent, techguru). You cannot demote pass a branch choice.
     ♥ careers.remove_career careername
     ♥ aspirations.complete_current_milestone – Complete all targets for current milestone

Sims 4 Remove Intro

To remove the EA logo when you start the game –

     ♥ right-click the Sims 4 shortcut >> Properties
     ♥ You’ll be in the Target: field. Press End to go to the end of the line.
     ♥ Add in: -nointro (put a space before the command and the quotation marks)

Other Notes

While at work, clicking on the tiny icon on your portrait gives you options, including the good ol’ “Work Hard”.

About Aspirations (and Popularity, Friend of the World, Have Had 5 BFFs)

Socials which are gained from skills (such as Ask About Favorite Author for Writing skill) will raise that skill instead of Charisma.

Your achievements reset if you start a new saved game. If you want to re-start and keep your achievements, you will have to add your new family to your current neighbourhood/world.

You cannot catch butterflies or fireflies. (Except in Outdoor Retreat for Herbalism.)

There are two secret lots.

Being able to save clothing combinations has been something a lot of people have wanted since the original Sims. Maxis obviously knows this, because we now have saved styles! Which allows Maxis to save combinations of clothes. BUT YOU CAN’T. Why, Maxis? Why?! This is just cruel. Since we can no longer “Display Custom” like in Sims 3, the only way to even remember your favourite pieces/colours is to… remember. And then lots of clicking.


Multitasking is the greatest addition! Finding out what you can multitask is great fun. Reading a skill book while on the toilet, fuck yeah. Chatting, eating AND watching TV? Fuck yeah!

The removal of skill challenges makes skilling a little easier (or less interesting).

The adding of requirements for job promotion puts a lot of skills into the list. I needed to write a cookbook to progress in Culinary, which added two points of Writing to my list (I really don’t like skill clutter).

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