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Fuck Rednano
♠ 08 Aries 2k8, Tyr's Day ♣

FUCK YOU, REDNANO. A GREAT BIG FUCK YOU for being a second-rate Google rip off.

I figured, since I was going to write a Singapore-based post, that rednano’s “we have all the ST archives” boast might come in useful. THIS IS A FUCKING LIE.

What kind of fucked up search engine gives you results from a subscription-based site? rednano’s access to the ST archives is limited to rednano, the user has no access beyond knowing that it exists. In effect, the so-called “feature” is no different from Google’s sponsored ads. It’s the “search” function on a sub-site posing as a feature of a search engine.

It’s not even that annoying that they include sub-only results. But there is no indicator that the results are pay-to-view. Is a simple $$$ icon so hard to make?

Come to that, I wouldn’t even be annoyed except for the fact that they went around saying “oh, we have the ST archives, our results will pwn Google”. So, the only reason I go there is for the ST archives and when I get there you tell me I have to pay for it? Do you losers have the same marketing team as Naughty by Nature?

And, seriously, Google = word meaning a number (albeit misspelled), nano = word meaning a number, red = commie; ∴ rednano = “Commie Google”. Or, “bloody ripoff”.

Yeah, yeah, their site explains the name as some sort of pride of “the little red dot” nonsense. FFS, in spite of their explanation of “nano” on the site itself, they don’t seem to have a clue that “nano” ≠ “little”. “nano” = “so fucking small your eyes can’t see it, it is that fucking small”.

I don’t have much expectations of rednano, I was even gonna write a “cut them some slack” post after all the reviews comparing them with Google.sg (I have a lot of respect for SPH). I mean, they’re still in beta, they’re not supposed to be better than Google, yet. But this is utterly ridiculous.

Here’s my unbiased and entirely factual review of rednano, in one line –

“Google is a far superior search engine when compared to rednano for the simple fact that Google has the technological advantage of not confusing ‘results that you have to pay for’ with ‘actual, you know, results’.”


The only people who will use your crap service are people who are ST subs and the only reason they’re going to use it is because Google can’t search the ST archives.


Limited usage to five articles per account per day? Or maybe I just expected rednano to know better and not go around saying that they have access to the ST archives (and, by implication, that I would have access, seeing as every other search engine lets you read what you search for), without a qualifier to that statement or a simple indicator on the results.

On the subject of search engines, Persai, by the people who used to do uncov.com, when they get it done, has a small chance of giving Google a run for its money.

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max – yeap, fuck red nano. we should start a campaign on this. not like we don't have enough copies of ideas/programmes. FUCK RED NANO
08 Aries 2k8 07:23
nocturne – err, no campaign, thank you very much. The point is not that they are unoriginal (Google wasn't original either, the market was crowded before Google came in), the point is that rednano promotes their site based on false pretenses.
08 Aries 2k8 07:36
huh – full page ad?? u think u're a online publication or what now?
08 Aries 2k8 08:22
nocturne – huh - a comment?? u think u're no longer a moron or what now?
08 Aries 2k8 08:49
eStee – I have to say I love your writing style. Do you know how many times I burst out laughing after reading your article. I actually re read it to cheer myself up after receiving a bad report grade after a class :)
09 Aries 2k8 02:08
nocturne – Thanks, eStee, that's really sweet. To answer your question, if it's this article, three (if it wasn't three, I'm sorry you read it wrong.)
09 Aries 2k8 03:59
juzzywuzzy – i linked from another of your page where you said RedNano is an ISD site. i wonder where you get that info?
21 Aries 2k8 22:43
nocturne – @juzzywuzzy Google.
22 Aries 2k8 01:39
frenzy – Is it a "commie" thing to pay for stuff? I thought that was the definition of capitalism. Perhaps we should consult our political ideology books...
21 Aquarius 2k9 19:27
nocturne – No, it's not commie to pay for stuff, but then, I'm not the one calling them "reds", they are. It is, however, while against ideology, typical of communist regimes to have a system that benefits a select group of people while being touted as being "for everyone". When one searches Google, one views ads for results. When one searches rednano, one views ads for results that only some people are allowed to access. I'm sorry if you feel false marketing is "capitalism", I think it's fraud.
22 Aquarius 2k9 00:29
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