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My RPG – The Most Gullible Man in the World
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This is the script for my second game.

It follows the choices my players made in the first story. They –

  1. Let the woodcutter escape. (They are now Wanted.)
  2. Let Red return to the village alone. (Red and her mother have been captured as witches.)
The Road through the Woods
– Day 1, Almost Sundown – The Rider

You continue along the road towards the Capital. It is almost sundown.

You hear the sound of hoof beats. A rider is coming towards you.

Hang back – He does not slow, he does not stop, he just rides past.

Stop him!

You don’t recognise him. He appears to be in his late teens.

“I need to get to Edgewood. I bear important news.”

He is calling the witchhunters to deal with the captured Red and her mother, as well as reporting that the players are now Wanted.

He recognises the players from the description, and will try to get away.

– Day 2, Noonish – Campsite

The smell reaches you first. In a small clearing by the side of the road, there are two covered wagons on the far side of the clearing, the remains of a campfire in the centre, and four dead bodies, with maggots crawling across the putrid bodies. There is dried blood across the dirt, whatever killed them made a mess.

Two bodies are merchants. They have pouches with silver.

Two are guards. There is one intact spear, and one with only the shaft.

The wagons have rotting, useless food. Bolts of cloth and metal tools for sewing, carpentry and farming.

– Day 2, Afternoon – Water

You’re running out of water.

– Day 3, Midday – Cage Carts

From behind the road, you see two horse drawn carts, being escorted by four men on horses. One of the men is dressed like a priest (Father Timothy), one is John the Innkeeper, the others are just men from the village, armed with spears.

Red and another woman are each in a cage cart. They are being taken to Edgewood for trial.

Father Timothy: “You’ve brought enough trouble on us already, let’s just pretend we never saw each other.”

Red shouts out: “Help us! Please! They’ll have us killed!”


Father Timothy: “Kill the witches!”. The men attempt to spear the women through the cages. Red avoids the spear, the woman grabs on to it.

Round 2 – The man attempting to spear Red moves his horse and spears the woman who is struggling with the other man.

If things go badly, Father Timothy will attempt to flee.


Red runs to her mother. They whisper. The mother breathes her last. Red turns to you, tears streaming down her face: “Thank you for saving me again. My mother wishes me to go to Edgewood, but I am returning to the village.”

“My mother used to be a servant at Edgewood Manor, before she got married. She thinks that Lady Edgewood will take me in, but I can take care of myself.”

“I’ve lost my mother and my grandmother in two days, I’ve every right to be unreasonable.”

“I am returning to the village. They must pay for what they’ve done.”

(Second Sight) – Her shadow appears to be that of a wolf.

Whether or not the players help, she will burn down the village.

Edgewood Manor is two hours by horse from Edgewood village.

The rest of the journey is uneventful.


Edgewood, while bigger than the previous village, is little more than a well, an inn, a store and a church. Similarly, the church is the newest building, erected in the last five years or so. There is a doctor here.

(Wanted) – If any horsemen manage to reach the village before the players, there is a freshly posted “Wanted” notice on a tree near the town: “For high treason, a reward of ten gold for the death or capture of these people. Any who shelter or offer them help will be considered traitors.”


They –

  1. Hailed the first rider. He did not stop. (They are now Wanted throughout the kingdom.)
  2. Rescued Red, but not before her mother got speared.

Elton cut Father Timothy’s femoral artery. Gene drops from the trees upon Red’s guard.

The Father rides off. The other guard manages to spear Red’s mother. Sheena starts making noise, to convince them that there are more people hidden in the bushes.

In the panic, John and the other guard ride off after Father Timothy. Gene pushes his guy off the horse. Sheena kicks him unconcious.

After talking with Red, the party have a brief discussion about murder before Sheena poisons the unconcious guard, who dies gruesomely with spasms and froth at the mouth. Elton changes into the dead man’s outfit.

The cage carts are drawn by draft horses, so they only have one horse. Gene gallops after the escapees.

Gene spears John and non-John. The dying John promises to help Gene clear his name. Gene decides to bring John to the village to save his life, leaving non-John behind to bleed out.

John dies upon the doctor’s table. Gene, not wanting to kill the doctor, convinces him to be a henchman (because gaming convention > verisimilitude). The doctor pours Gene a dose of medicine for his wounds. Gene makes the doctor drink first. The doctor does so, and pours another dose. Gene drinks it. They both pass out while Elton sings “The Most Gullible Man in the World”.

The other players arrive at the corpses. Elton changes into Father Timothy’s outfit. Red asks for a horse to return to her village and carry out her vengeance. While the party had agreed to help her, they decide to go after Gene before he gets himself arrested. Elton gives Red the Prince’s medallion for her to dispose of. Exit Red.

They find Gene at the doctor’s. Elton dresses John in his own outfit and convinces the doctor that the dead man is one of the traitors. The doctor is too drowsy/afraid to notice that the body has changed clothes and that his office has been looted.

They bring the body to the church and convinces the Father that one of the traitors is dead, and tries to get the Father to dispose of the body in an unmarked grave (as befitting a traitor; I thought this was quite clever). The Father refuses this last.

The game ends with the players in Edgewood at night. In the morning, the doctor will find his supplies looted and someone is bound to recognise John the Deceased Innkeeper.


I find Elton’s attempts at disguise and trying to convince someone that a dead body is someone else both a noble attempt and very much like a slapstick comedy.

Also, the progression from looting the cottage of a dead old lady to killing four men (including a priest, one with poison) is remarkably quick. Note that this all started because Gene did not want to kill the woodcutter to silence him.

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