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[ sims4p ] Pharmf114 – Hello!
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[ sims4p ] Pharmd524 – Hello!
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[ 141122 ] nocturne – Thank you.
22 Scorpio 14 21:24
[ 141122 ] Sheena – This might be my favourite piece.
22 Scorpio 14 11:17
[ 140723 ] nocturne – I sort of think that's the whole point of titles. Impressively cumbersome, like a princess gown.
23 Cancer 14 16:57
[ 140723 ] Sheena, Acolyte of Maximum Huatness – Darn it, I just realized my title is a little cumbersome.
23 Cancer 14 04:25
[ 140714 ] Mark:20-23 – And he said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him. For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.”
14 Cancer 14 08:06
[ 091026 ] NeoGuy – thx man this worked
01 Scorpio 13 13:57
[ 131024 ] Not-Elton – I think Elton is awesome.
24 Libra 13 06:20
[ 130607 ] nocturne – As far as I know, once Research unlocks, Knowledge stops dropping.
05 Cancer 13 00:07
[ 130607 ] anon – Does anyone know if you can keep doing Rank 2 experimentation, until you have – say – 7 Alchemical knowledge and then do research for rank 3 and 4 directly. (Or does the knowledge stop dropping if you have the required amount?)
04 Cancer 13 05:27
[ red_a02 ] Shuzhen – The first episode was a lot of fun, cos it had an interesting cocktail of sexual tension and smooth fight choreography. This episode is like the awkward aftermath...
27 Aquarius 13 18:13
[ vermilion_2 ] YAPX – I understand that most of your stories are dialogue-based and heavy on retorts and counter-retorts. This one felt unnecessarily circular. It starts with a cool premise: a killer/villain/vigilante uses Lent to swear off something that should be second nature to him (I suppose), and then talks about a story. The link between the two (giving up killing & the story) isn’t a 100% fit. Maybe instead of “let me tell you a story”, it could be “hey, you see I even passed a guy up for death today!” or equivalent. Something to drag Lorelei into the banter and the premise. // That’s my only complaint. I’m not a big fan of dialogue-based stories, but I can make a exception for this.
14 Aquarius 13 08:03
[ 130204 ] YAPX – Good pace, good characters, great dialogue. The thing I like best is a combination of the three: how you build up their pseudo-relationship through all that back-and-forth exchange. Somehow, you craft a unique, strange relationship: from any one point in the story, both of them are manipulative, victimised and hypocrites – though not all at once. // On word choices, I felt you could change the word “janitor” (“cleaner” or “uncle” would’ve given a different, but more acute local flavour to it). Mostly because, it’s connotes an added level of difference through: class. Whether or not you intended it, by portraying the “janitor” and “student” you bring out the fact that he’s stuck there socially in all sense of the word. It made the part where he says he reads books during weekends completely out-of-context and weird. // Also, there’s too much “sliding” in and out of the room. Not sure if that’s intentional repetition, or just a lack of other words. // I thought that the girl’s own background is pretty compelling. Even after everything, I can’t tell if she’s speaking the truth. Because I’m all for unreliable narrators and characters, I can still find her well-thought out. But other readers might lose patience or wonder at her sudden change of heart at the final moment.
04 Aquarius 13 08:48
[ 130204 ] Shuzhen – I didn’t believe you when the intro said vagina and cake. By halftime, I was reading in horrified fascination. She channels Stacey. Meantime, my Catholic school sensibilities are reeling in horror. // Nonetheless, its well put together. Draws me into the dialogue and holds me there.
04 Aquarius 13 07:46
[ 121227 ] maenadery – Congratulations on the book! :D I wanna buy it. I’ll figure out a way. Also, consider Kobo; they sell to Singaporeans too. I haven’t read it yet, but I know it’s gonna be awesome, if your past work is indicative of where this one is going. Maybe get some people who’ve read it to leave you a review?
27 Sagittarius 12 23:20
…you say “go slow,” i fall behind / the second hand unwinds…

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…you say “go slow,” i fall behind / the second hand unwinds…

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